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620 Bagged with an sr20det, is it possible???


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Sooo, this is kinda my over all goal for my datsun 620 when i find the right one. i know no one has done this yet but its kinda what i am shooting for. So i need to get a little bit of insite from both the swaped 620's and the bagged 620's. Do you think there will be any major problems where the swap and it being bag will conflict with each other?


Agian any info will be much apreciated.

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ahah its cool man. an sr20det is the motor out of a silvia s13, aka the jdm 240sx. they have threads to swap the sr20 in to a 520 pick up but i havent seen any with a 620. someone also told me dgr fab makes a kit for an sr20 in a 620. can anyone confirm or deny this?

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......... whats wrong with an L20 engine?...or L18?





1. Carbs (unless you're FI)

2. Missing half a cyl head and one camshaft. (SOHC joke...)


4. Too expensive to make it turn 10K RPM.



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I'm dumb here what exactly is the sr 20 blahblahblah? And whats wrong with an L20 engine?...or L18?








im pretty sure he knows what an sr is, lol. and you can prolly do the bag and swap, but i would bag as low as you wanted to go first adn then do the swap so that if you have to raise the motor mounts it wil be less of an issue..... my .02

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anything is possible with a little fabrication. the big question is why? a bagged truck don't need to be fast, it is kinda a waste of money you can put aa single cam ka in and be set. but to each his own to answer the question i am positive it is possible, but you are looking at a nice chunk of change..:blink:

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Guest DatsuNoob

You got a welder? Welder's make the impossible, possible. I've often thought about bagging, but thought better of it. Not really my thing. I've got a pair of peterbilt bags from a BIG truck in fair shape, 14" of lift, probably wont get used though. I'm thinking 4 link and coilovers. Not wanting to be a showoff with airbags. My vision for my truck is just short of a "ford lightning of 620's". Cornering capabilities with a fairly go fast motor. SR20DET would be nice, but may opt for a dual cam KA, or a CA18DET (turbos are fun :D) seeing how parts are more readily available here in the states.

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anything is possible with a little fabrication. the big question is why? a bagged truck don't need to be fast


Are you shitting me? What's better than blowing out some ricer fag by a car length and then throwing sparks in his face to boot?

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Are you shitting me? What's better than blowing out some ricer fag by a car length and then throwing sparks in his face to boot?



don't get me wrong i smoked some ricer in my toyota and then laid out in him.. but at real high speeds above 80 or so you will start to float around a bit, not to mention traction issues.. i have my 510 to go fast my truck is the cruiser.. just my .02:D

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Why?!!?!?! Why!?!?!!?!??!? How's about the juicy, warm satisfaction of a TRULY toasty burnout. And how else can you become fluent in BOV?


BOV 101:

1. English-Hello, Mr. Smith. How are you today?

BOV- PpppFISsshhhhhh.


2. English-You have a really nice automobile. What kind is it?

BOV-PpppFiSSsshhhh. Tsstsstsst.


3. English-Bye bye Mr. Smith. Your POS is too phucking slow.

BOV-PFiSsh. PFiSsh. PpppFiSSssshhhhhhh.........


POP QUIZ MONDAY FAWKERS!!! Hahahahahahaaaa!



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Dont get me wrong i would go with a ka or even stick with a L18 or something, but i have freinds who know about the sr20, meaning i have a sr20 pro at my disposal 24/7. So i think that would be my best bet to swap since i believe it can be swaped into a 89 or 90 240sx, which houses the ka24e motor, same motor as the diy swap on this fourm for the 620.


I would do the static drop on the truck to get better handling, but i have had to many low cars scrap the shit out of speed bumps and oher crap, hence the baggin of the truck. I can still ride low, but if i need a little extra cleanace. Poof! i got it.


Plus another reason i am goin with the sr20 is that i am boost junkie. :D. my previous car, a s2000, was boosted and i loved that shit. i have always been a boost junkie and i think the sr20 would be the easist way to go about it. i mean is there another swap that is easier to do but is boosted stock?


Agian thanks for all the info guys!


ohhh yea... and i do have a welder and all that good stuff. plus we have an auto body and auto tech class open to the public. i am signing up for the summer so i will have body work and everything else covered there also.

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Already been done. Got a 78 kingcab 620 bagged and S14 SRed. In the process now of doing a IRS rear swap, and changing the I/C design. was in a photo shot in Minitruckin a few months ago with the classic minitruck article/photoshoot.


Umm ya some pics... PLEASE:D

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Pics of the photo shoot please! I love the Sr20..i think it looks really cool in the engine bay! There is one on CL here in Denver that the guy has been trying to sell for weeks. Big project though right?:mellow:

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I think the Nipponese had this perception that we in North America had slighted them in some way and conspired amongst themselves to deny us the SR20 engine and pawned the Z/CA series off on us. They tossed us a nice KA24E/DE bone later though while keeping the RB26DETT. WE got screwed.


We are truly pathetic here in NA. What the fuck have we made lately? Something under 2.5 in a 4cyl or under 3.0 in a six? SFA that's what.

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