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Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine

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Not sure if too many people know (i didn't). $2.50 an issue ain't bad and sounds like it supports one good cause and proliferates another even better one.




Did you buy that off the news stand? I sent my form in a months ago. I haven't seen it in my mail box yet. I talked to one of the guys thats putting the mag together, I think his name was Ben. I have his card somewhere. He told me they have cars lined up for months to come, So we should have a bitchen old school mag to look forward to.:cool:

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Funny. Over the years I've let all my magazine subscriptions expire. In the past two weeks I've subscribed to DQ and JNC.


Now, I'm jealous of the free Z and 1200's are starting to look real good....I need serious help. :blink:

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Got issue #2. Kinda pissed. The freakin mail deliverer mangled it to shiet.




Unfortunately many magazines get mangled before they get to you. You would be surprised just how many machines they go through to get from starting point to delivery point. Being that this is a newer magazine they probably don't do large pallets of them to get them from point A to point B so that makes them go through extra times. I see them get mangled every day. I always feel bad for the people when I see it. But hey when our magazines get delivered mangled I get just as pissed as you guys do, even though I know the reasoning why it can happen. Sometimes you can get a hold of the magazine company and they will send you out another one, if you tell them what happened.

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i subscribed when the first post about it came up, havent seen one since. emailed them, got the answer gonna have to wait, but ive given up.
I also signed up at the begining of this thread and I just got mine last week. No need to give up. You should have your's real soon I'd say. Being in Canada it stands to reason that it will take longer.



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Guest jaimesix
That's too bad. :mellow:


Mine came in a plastic bag in perfect condition.


Mine arrived last week. It did in perfect shape too.


Hope to see your car in that magazine...if they have the good taste to appreciate good Datsuns, your B210 is very cool!


I like the mag, but I was a little dissappointed at the coverage of JCCS. The one and only B210, in A+ shape , and no photos of it. Same with the brown 810, the one and only 810 in the show, no mention of it. That 610 wagon was very cool, no mention at all.


No conprende muchos ocasion:confused:


But at least there is a mag catering to us japanese car fans. The magazine should get better and better. ( hopes )



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