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Chicks with trucks photos


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Chicks in the 70s were hotter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Sorry, I just had to say that!! Anyway, any of You guys got chick/truck photos??? Add 'em here!!!


Um, yep I sure do..(sorry for those who have seen this one before...could not help myself...):cool:



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GOOD to hear from You...... NOT "got" to hear from You!!


Anyway, 70s chicks didn't look this mean either!! But then again, We were all listening to the Doobie Brothers and such so there wasn't that much "angst" back then!!!

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Here is the last one I will post, this is from 1977...Look in the lower right hand corner, you can just make out the "OL"..that is the original "OL YELLER" back in the day...............................



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