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Roadster Disc Brake mod mklotz70


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FutoFab sells 1/8" spacers specifically for the Roadster. These are commonly used to fit 73mm center bore wheels on the Roadster's front hub. With the 1/8" spacer you don't need to modify the wheel center bore to install it.


Sounds like our 1/8" spacer would be a perfect option to grinding on the Volvo caliper to fit 14" wheels with your brake kit.

(We also sell longer studs for the Roadster) 






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Awesome!!  Thanks for pointing that out Dave!!  That's a perfect option.  I'll send guys your way if they need them.  Are they mild or stainless steel? 


Completely off topic.....I'm pushing the ball joints aside for a week or two so that I can build your brackets :)  I'm pretty excited about finally getting to them!   Of course, anyone familiar with your site will wonder why I'm building you brackets!!  LOL!! :)


Are you following the Altima thread on the 311s.org forum?  We should copy your post/link to that thread as well.

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The spacers are water-jet cut from 6061 aluminum.


The stud holes are clearanced for 7/16" studs so they don't flop all over the place when installed. 


I'll head over to 311s.org. It has been awhile since I checked out that thread. 


Why not have you make my brackets? Why reinvent the wheel when you are so far done the road on the project.


Besides no one else has this much knowledge of kingpin to disc brake conversions. That is why Mike Klotz is my go-to guy for this project. 

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Hi folks,

I am making slow progress with mine:




Notice the nice long wheel studs (Futofab) (:

Drilling and painting the calipers is next.


How do I order pads for these calipers? - not sure what year and model Volvo came with the vented rotors for sure, and would have performance pads available (any pad suggestions welcome, pm me not to derail Mike's thread with a pad discussion)


So far everything has gone together nicely (once I got everything apart (:, which was not quite as easy).


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Very informative thread. :thumbup:


I'd like to add one piece of information that will save some work for people doing this conversion. (please don't shoot me if this has already been mentioned in a post and I missed it)  The volvo calipers that you really want to use are those found on a 1992 240 with abs.  These calipers only have a single brake line and do not need the adapter manifold or the drill mod.



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Thanks!  Yes! That's great info!!


I was turned onto those by a customer a couple of years ago.  I've recommended those to a few people.  I couldn't seem to find a source for them that was consistent.  I'm not sure I trust rockauto enough to order up multiple sets or to even send me the correct '92 ABS caliper.  Those are definitely the ones to get !!


Thanks!  I'll try to get that info up on my site, too!


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