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Roadster Disc Brake mod mklotz70


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I'm starting to remember to use my white board for stuff like this. I can write it on here big enough that I can see it from the lathe....then I don't have to chase paper around the shope :) The second pic is for those guys that didn't see my thread/post about turning my garage door into a white board. :)








That is a great idea! Off to find the thread :D

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Just added this to the 311s.org site....thought I should throw it on here too.


Measurements with the flanged bolt in the kit.








The basic kit. $105(shipped)(no rotors)






I've got some extra caliper spacers. $15/set(shipped).... ??? I guess if someone has a lathe and a roadster and wants to make their own parts they might want these...otherwise, I'm guessing they're going to hang on my wall for some time :)



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Good Things Come To Those Who Wait...On April of last year I purchased your kit for the Datsun 1200...at that time I asked about a Roadster kit...Well I'm glad you have them done! Where can I get that brake hose adapter/manifold?

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Here's the info that was posted on the 311s.org thread about the manifold availability:



In case anyone is interested the Caliper manifolds are still being made . This is the E-mail i recieved from Breck Meyer

his e-mail is breck1969@yahoo.com



Good morning Daryl,


I do still make the Volvo Caliper manifolds and it would cost $100.00 US for the 2 manifolds and banjo bolts, crush washers plus 3 day priority mail shipping in the U.S.


If you don't need the banjo bolts and crush washers, the total would be $60.


I'm waiting to hear how soon the machine shop will have the next batch of manifolds done, and I'm hoping they can machine them within the next couple of weeks.


Let me know if your still interested and I'll give you my Paypal info for sending the payment.


Thank you,





Here's another option to the manifolds. You can drill passage ways in the calipers and just run one hose. Your call on which mod to do...pro's and con's to both.






As for making payments...I'll pm you.

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I'm collecting bits to do this mod. When The calipers came in the box looked like it was dropped. One of the bleeders was bent and one bolt head was snapped off. This concerned me so I went to my local bolt supplier and replaces the eight bolts in the two calipers with grade eight bolts. Cheap insurance and piece of mind all for five bucks. Just a suggestion!

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For the time being, I'm out of these kits. I've taken a deposit on the last one. I'm hoping to do another run of 10 kits, but it may only be the basic kit and I'll do the rotors as ordered. I definitely will not buy 10 sets of rotors up front! LOL Anyway......


PM me or email me through my site (www.bluehandsinc.com) if you'd like to get on the list for the next batch.

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I'll have to check and see if I had a for sale thread too. I just ordered another batch of the caliper spacers and I also ordered up the bearing spacer. The caliper spacer will be in stainless steel this time. I just checked the costs....the SS increase is offset by the spacers coming in a bit under my projection.....I ordered 50 of them, so it's still a chunk of change! :)

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Picked up the SS caliper spacers today on the way home from the coast. They're really nice!! Plus....no need to plate or paint. icon_smile.gif I've got the first cut on the OD cut. I need to grab that surface and tweak, recut the ID, then polish the OD and I should have some ready to go. Depending on when the rotors show up saturday will depend on whether I cut the rotors sat or sun. Either way, I should have kits with or without rotors ready to go by monday.









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I just wrote this all up in a pm for another member. Since I've had the question about multiple kits more than once I thought I'd post it here, as well. My site isn't set up for to give a discount on a second kit so if you're ordering more than one, get in touch with me directly.



You’re right, it’s a bit hard to follow it all in the 311s.org thread. I think it’s pretty straight forward on my site when ordering one each, but since you’re talking about two, I’ll run through it here since the site isn’t equipped for or even mention a discount on a second kit. I don’t “include” the rotors, but I do have them available with the center hole opened up to fit the stock hub.


The info on the kit is on my site starting here:



To see what’s in the kit, click on the item name and it takes you to the next page:

http://www.bluehands... ... e-kit.html



The basic kit is $100 and is shipped in a $5 small flat rate priority box for a total of $105. I’ll take 10% off the second kit(making it $90) and ship them in one box, so it would be $195 total for two basic kits shipped.


The rotors are $100 and are shipped in a $15 large flat rate priority box.


If you order the basic kit and a set of rotors at the same time, it’s $220 because I put the $5 of shipping from the basic kit on insurance when they’re shipped together.


I’ll do 10% off the second set of rotors too (making them $90) and I’ll pay for the insurance on each box($5x2+$10). Sorry, but I have to ship them in two separate large boxes, but that will make it $30 instead of $40.


1 – basic kit $105

2 – basic kits $195(total savings of $15)


1 – kit w/rotors $220

2 – kits w/rotors $410(total savings of $30)



Hopefully, I made that more clear and didn’t confuse the information more. lol


This is just a hobby for me at this point, so for liability reasons, I’m assuming your using these off road or on a static display. If parts are bad or don’t fit, I’ll certainly work with you, but I can’t be responsible for proper installation or failure on the road. None of this is DOT approved.

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I was just asked a question about the 411 kit(none avail anyway) would work on the spl310. I know I've done this comparison before, but it was just easier to pull the spindles out and shoot a few pics. So....for any of the 310 owners looking at this thread and wondering about disc brakes, I'm sorry, but the 411 kit is not an option. If someone would like to pay time/materials for me to prototype a kit, pm me :)

























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I've been fairly quiet about these because I only had one more set of spacers that are just right. I'm going to eat it on the others and have more done. The metal is ordered and they'll be machined next week.......another $500+, but if I don't have it done, I lose all the $'s that are already spent on them. Anyway....I have one set ready to go and I'll have more in another week or so.

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