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New Motorr!!!!


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haha well.


i have a friend. [i know hard to believe] and his good friend has a 620. He likes toyota's so he took the 620 and ran it around in a field. then he shorted something out and fried the wiring.


wow that sucks. so anyways. I went over to his house and he offered the truck to me for 100 bucks. and I said no thanks, I don't like 620's but i'll give you 50 bucks for the motor [L20] and tranny [automatic]. I just gave him some low ball offer since I am poor.


He stands there and thinks for a second. and then goes. ok! haha so i bought a nicle little L20 for 50 dollars. its now sitting in my driveway waiting for my 510.


dont know what I am going to do with the auto tranny that came with it.


he doesn't really know anything about cars anyway. just likes to talk out of his bum bum. [he tried to tell me that the brake lines were for steering].

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if you can, leave the auto in the truck. You wont' be able to give that 3-speed auto away... "junk"


$50 for a running L20b sounds great! even if it only lasts a couple years.


if any of the body panels are straight, see if you can get those for free later on. Re-sell them to people.

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he wants the metal value for the truck. the front pass side quater panel is smashed in just from another truck holding the truck from moving in the mud. If someone was really interested im pretty sure he would sell it. if your serious pm me and then I will call him and ask.

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