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Dude don`t worry about it ...and as you can see don`t bring it up.LoL


Kind of a hazing thing i was at +20 something ..then down to somewhere -45 and not from arguing..they just thought was funny and...and i kinda egged it on in insomniacs..


No rep at all means nobody gives a crap what you say...tongue.gif

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The way to bring your rep up is to make thoughtful posts. If people like what you post, especially if it is helpful, they will give you a +. Over time you will see your rep go up. It takes a long time.


The above.


Your thoughtful posts don't always have to agree. Anyone can agree, but you can still disagree or have an alternate opinion that goes against all others if presented properly. This can lead to constructive informative discussion. Ratsun can be a tough crowd but a thick skin and a sense of humor sure helps. Everyone starts out as a noob.


I almost never hand out a neg rep. (but god help me I did tonight) I would much rather sparingly hand out positives. It's inspiring. There have been a few members that hand out nothing but negative rep. (yes the mods know who does what) Funny how when they get given -300 points they squawk and whine.

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