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SOLD - Original Panasport 15x6 and 15x7 +0 Offset 4 x 114.3

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I tried everything to get these to work on my Roadster but I just need more offset :-(


So I'm selling my Panasport racing wheels and center caps. I just had these professionally powdercoated and the lips polished/machined and they look AMAZING. There is NO damage or rash. These would be ideal on a 1970's Z-car or a 510.


This sale is for two 15x7 and two 15x6 wheels and 4 genuine Panasport center caps. The caps match the wheel color PERFECTLY.


I am open to trade for a set of 4 wheels with +12 or +15 offset or a straight sale of $975 shipped.








Send me a PM or email if interested.




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