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Yeah thats my parents place. One day the horse arena behind the RV may be all Datsun storage. Thats if a person could afford that much concrete.


The Jeep is long gone, that is the second vehicle of mine to be stolen. They needed a lot of parts for their Jeep like used brake pads, drivers side wiper arm, alternator, bumpers, tires, heater control panel, and other miscellaneous stuff. I got it back ten days later like you see it in the picture. That incident is what lead me back to Datsun's though so its not all that bad.


I drove the honduh to Canby last year, the KC has been out of commission for a while now. I picked up the red KC from Tdajj for my SR project, so the blue trucks L20B is getting a new lease on life. It is at the machine shop getting bored and hot tanked for a stock rebuild.



I do want to reproduce the stripes when I repaint the truck, does anybody know if the black is supposed to come all the way to the front fender or does it fade from white to black in the door?

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