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O. C. Datsun Meeting


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the O.C. Datsun Meeting is been move to Nick's burger at 1712 w Orangethorpe Fullerton 92833

still 1st Saturday of each month from 2pm to the last car leaves every body are welcome


To all datsun owners, lovers and fans we are doing a meet starting 2pm till ? at this location Nick's burger at 1712 w Orangethorpe Fullerton 92833


doest'n matter how your car looks like as long it's a DATSUN OR CLASSIC CAR

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Where is everyone? Come down and join us to make this event successful! Great food, plenty of parking space. What more can you wish for?



Event is turning out great! We have lots of people here enjoying themselves! Its not too late to come and join in the fun. The event ends once the last Datsun leaves! Come out and join us!



The Event was a huge success! For those who missed out or weren't able to make it, I have brought plenty of pictures so you can all be prepared for the next event!




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Most likely the event will be a monthly occurrence. My dad just wanted to test out how many people would show up and how the event would turn out. He seems to have like the results quite a bit so he will probably let everyone know if there will be an event like that next month.

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