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I go for months and never see another Datsun and all of a sudden they are popping out of the woodwork.


When I saw this, my little heart skipped a beat. The first Datsun I had was a 1300 the same color as this. Spied on MLK and SE Hawthorne.




I'm pulled over talking on my cell phone and this guy drives up. I roll down the window and ask what year. He points to the number on the door and says, "77!






This was parked at the Raleigh Hills Pub in SW Portland. Pretty clean and all original. A couple little dings and dents, but cool to see another daily driver that is kept up.






This truck was parked in front of the tow truck yard where SE 3rd runs into SE Division. I saw it there every day for a week driving back from my shop and figured one of the guys there owned it. The next day, I see a guy with a gallon of latex paint and a roller painting it some horrid green color. I didn't have my camera so I didn't get a pic, and then it disappeared!




This nice little Roadster has been parked in front of SW Auto Body on SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy for weeks, but I never got a shot... then it got put inside for a couple weeks. Yesterday I spied it out front again and stopped to look. Nobody around so no info.






I saw a chick driving a beat 620. Couldn't catch up to her, she was blasting down SE Stark. It was so dirty that I couldn't even tell what color it was.. brown, red?? A few minutes later I saw a white 620 long bed work truck with boxes and lumber racks ripping down Stark the other way. Got a thumbs up.

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I was at Parkrose Hardware in the Couve the other day and seen this. I like the Rising sun hood the most as well as the silvia front.....but he does need to ditch the gold meshies. The sticker says Drift Militia.

Sorry for the crappy phone pic.


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His name I Mike. He works there and drives that every day. They do a hell of a job with datsuns especially 510's if you need alignment, brake, suspension work etc. I have been a customer for a long time and they have worked on my dimes setting them up for the track and street. They treat you right and do a good job and not to pricey either.

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Fig your pix are awesome. I saw this 620 a few blocks from my house. Been sitting for awhile w/ spider webs & weeds under the tires. Has Pathfinder rims & a goofy lumber rack. Im tempted to knock on the house & see if it's available :D crappy cell pic sorry...


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1st ave s

I like to see Datsun's out on the road !



I've seen that wagoon in downtown before!!!





Dude I saw the cleanest 620 ever yesterday on the muketeo speed way. Little old lady driving. I tried to get my phone out in time but traffic did not allow it. Have you seen it Steve? its green and shiny

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So I've got a few pics on my phone, but no way to put them here. My computer is packed away with all our other stuff. I only can get on other computers once in a while. Anyway, somebody here wanna post them for me? I can send them to your email. Then I'll send more pics in the future too.

There are so many 620s here that I don't think about photographing them. I should have taken a pic of the Maxima Diesel, looks like it was plucked out of a 280Z.

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A friend pointed this out to me. You would only see her if driving to work, I bike. It was at a muffler/tire place. They said a lady on a farm owned it north of town




Reg cab long bed with '78-'79 rims. Steering column apart. Looks used and being used.... as it should. I have never seen this truck before so it never comes to town. Haven't seen another running 620 around here for year and a half at the Van Isle cruise north of Nanaimo. Lad named Nathan drove all the way from Victoria just to be there.

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Hey guys...Just stumbled on your site... It looks like you kids are mostly based in Washington, so you fellas prolly haven't seen this thing around.


I was in Redondo Beach visiting my fam a month ago (I am from there), and I saw this cool little 620 on Titan rims. I am hooked!datsun.jpg


My Dad bought a '74 brand new, and I have vague memories of that thing...


Well, I am mostly a sport bike guy (I have an aprilia RSV), but I have been thinking about getting a truck so I have something to take the Mille to the track with...


I am an all-around car guy, but this 620 got me thinking. I want a 620 ratsun!!! The hunt begins!



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KFD....That looks like Jeremys truck:)! I beleive hes out of the LA area! If you go into "Events" thread you'll see more of his truck on the "Reso" page:D. It looks like he tinted his windows and got a new hood for his rig:cool:! Nice to see hes still driving his beautiful 620:)!

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KFD....That looks like Jeremys truck:)! I beleive hes out of the LA area! If you go into "Events" thread you'll see more of his truck on the "Reso" page:D. It looks like he tinted his windows and got a new hood for his rig:cool:! Nice to see hes still driving his beautiful 620:)!


Thanks...I will check it out..


KFD--That is one hell of an avatar pic.




Hey jason, thanks... She's faith, from inbedwithfaith.com. I love a pair of big jugs!



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parked inside the LA convention center a black 4 door...my boss and co-workers thought it was mine...lol...cuz they look alike...got a pick but im on my cell phone so ill post it when i get home...the date is 7-25-08 its about 2 p.m.

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Tan 4-door 510 with a Autohero stick on the back window in Marysville on State yesterday, around 4 pm. :D


I also keep seeing this sweet little blue 210 at Donna's truckstop in Marysville in the morning, one of these days I'll be able to snap a pic :P

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