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That would be a shame if that hood came up missing to lend its scoop to your 521.

Oooooo that would be cool. Not gonna happen with that hood and the one on my truck now but with the hoods off some parts cars and I'd like to make that happen. Have you seen that done before?

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Caught up with him on the grade...







busta knows that car ... he was just tinkering with it before it sold i guess 




hoagie after owning the cantby truck im not a fan of dipping even after doing it several times .. 

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He was the lead school bus mechanic for the district ..  He worked there so long he simply retired at full benefits anyway,,,,, but ex wife gets something like $4000. out of that check so he's still broke as fuck.


Now he just hangs out between UAs listening to AC DC at ear splitting volume.





That's awful.....


I don't know, other than the ex-wife payments (which may be worth it) sounds pretty awesome to me :lol:

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^^^ Looks like a b210 honey comb hub cap up top, too.



Wasn't a datto, cant recall now but it was an American 70s boat with wheels...


Pontiac LeMans/GTO/Catalina maybe? Lots of 70s Pontiacs used those honeycomb wheels...



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  • 2 weeks later...

Over at Lincoln creek lumber on 93rd





Another young dude drives a nice red Pulsar but i never seem to have my camera when no-ones parked on both sides of it.

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So... this has been a long time coming lol


I saw this 510 on my way to buy my B210 (May 2015)   Better late than never right? lol





This guy I saw a few months ago while coming back from a food run.   I think i freaked him out cause he saw me grab my phone and take a picture lol




I've seen a few others, just haven't been able to be so quick with the snappy snap

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Saw this roadster near Tigard today.



Saw the 620 and Z near Beaverton, but on different days.




This Blue 2+2 is always parked in front of the Chinese restaurant.


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