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This morning @ the shop......


He's a local.....but he's more into his Willy's......father of the owner of the silver 2dr w/bubble flares I worked on last year......


He might have me start working on it......and he might start coming out on Fun Runs......


Super nice paint job....oics don't do it justice...







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This is a super, insane long shot but here it goes...Just today I was driving west bound on Bovaird Dr. W in Brampton Ontario Canada and spotted something I could not believe. I was stunned, I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. Coming the other way was what looked like a red Datsun 2 door 510 sedan. Once it went by I knew it was for sure. I was so shocked I had to look back a few times. It was lowered on what looked to be 15" rims. Black centers with machined aluminum lips. Red paint job that looked newish. Looked to be the 70's grill and lights. It was almost the twin of my car. I thought about turning around and chasing the guy down but I had the car loaded with stuff and two 9.5 L gas cans full of high octane fuel for my 510. I was going home to put the gas in and prep it for winter storage in the garage. If any one knows anything about this car, please let me know. As far as I know I'm the only 510 owner in this neck of the woods and I have never, ever seen another. Even before owning one I don't ever recall seeing one in the greater Toronto area. Obviously no oics, I was not prepared to see that at all. Crazy!!!!

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Spotted on my trailer going down US 287 just outside of Wichita Falls TX . Junk yard rescue 510 on it's way to it's new home at Datsunfreak's shop in Ft Worth.




Got Datsunfreak's new Dime loaded on the trailer in Childress TX. Left Denton TX at 0630 and arrived at the  yard in Childress at 1030




Unloaded the 510 at it's new home at Datsunfreak's yard @ 1600. He will work his magic and make a diamond from a lump of coal. Glad I could supply the coal.



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My buddy John is building this for a customer right now. 500hp KA24DE, Fully built internals. Its freaking nasty as hell. He takes it to the track around here, I will try to get video next time I'm out if hes there.



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