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I would like to see a thread here for SIGHTINGS.... you know when you see a car or truck out and about and are curious who it was.

Reason being I saw two Dimes pulled over on I5 S.B. this afternoon and wondered who it was.


Rather than use space on another thread, I thought a seperate one just for that porpose would be handy!?


Anybody? I would do a poll but don't know how to do it.





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I like that idea. Seems that we have several of those sightings threads. Pointless to keep making more of these DWNSHFTER threads for every little sighting.


So, now that you have made this thread, are you going to give us any details about the dimes on five this morning.



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There are some 510s around here, and 3 521s that come to my work regular like. A few weeks ago we put tires on a 510 wagon, stock cept for kidney bean mags.

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I Totally seen the same dimes at 7:15 near PIR. I seen the orange wagon and white sedan with the red stripe on the bottom rocker panel that had 510 in the sticker.


I was going to stop and see if they needed help cause there was a tow truck there ready to pick up the white one, but didn't see them till too late cause of a semi truck and trailer.


Hopefully we hear the story

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I periodically see a maroon 521 heading north on hwy 3 in bremerton Wa in the early evening.Also see a red 521 in silverdale with a datsun sticker as well as several 620s.They never care.The only people that recognize my rigs are people who had a buddy who..or mom had one in 77...occasional thumbs up though.:D

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Anyone know who owns a candy apple-ish 2dr, dropped w/ flares and a full body kit. Looks like he's running some chrome 17's. Seen this dood twice going north on Cornelius Pass Rd. near my house (Hillsboro, OR).



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Come on fivendime.


let everone get it out of their system....better to have it all in one place.:D


I see a black ext cab 620 running around Canby and a black std cab too. Wish I know who they were. They drive up and down 99. :thumbsup:

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every once in a while i see a really nice orange 620, lowered tilt bed, very custom clean truck, oh wait thats mine, seriously thou i'm for a thread to help identify, seeing as most of us have never met, i've met i person from here at a show, seen all kinds of 510's and 521's , and 620's here in phx but can never meet the owners, a thread like this can get us all known to each other, u may be discribing some ones ride and not even know they are n this forum..:D

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I used to work off Nickerson near the Ballard Bridge. Almost every day I'd see a beat, orange 510 wagon heading north on 15th or Holman. Think a chick was driving, but it was usually dark.


I catch a couple three Z's on 405 now......zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. :D

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Yellow 620 w/a campershell going South on the 15 fwy in hesperia this morning at about 5am..........


Orange 620 in chino going North on Romona Ave.turned east onto Chino Ave last week about 10am, had stickers on back of window........I think this may have been Rays '74!


Mustard 620 parked on resevoir in Pomona South of Grand ave............


Blue 620 going South on 15 fwy from hesperia area to 210 East...I see this truck alot....It's a commuter!


Will post more soon:D!

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