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buying a car from japan


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Yahoo Japan is good for cars and parts, just google and type JDM cars for sale or cars for sale and if you have a browser that can translate even better. I found many Fairlady 280z's (280zx) between 3-4k in really good condition but I wasn't in a hurry to buy at moment just window shopping. Oh and you can always talk to a salesman they keep you pretty updated and can always find what your looking for.

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I'd highly recommend buying from Jdm Legends. Eric is a great guy who knows a lot about these cars & has been doing a good job finding some of the best cars to bring back the states. Before putting the cars up for sale he goes through them thoroughly and will repair any issues before selling. He will also help you locate parts if needed. Hes an overall good person and will chat w/you about the cars w/out any pressure. When I visited I spent couple hours talking with him about the shop, cars in general & himself. You can tell he has a lot of knowledge, skills and passion for these cars.


The other shop (right hand drive Japan) in southern California that had imported a handful of Hakosuka, Kenmeri & bluebirds (has closed their doors) so unless you plan to import the car yourself which is expensive and takes time. I'd suggest contacting Eric. The newest car they imported (red hako) is amazing.


Why do I have so many good things to say about Jdm Legends? I personally know Eric and have bought one of my cars them. Its always good to see a shop like Jdm Legends do well. Any questions pls feel free to ask. Oh and pls dont bother asking me how much I paid. If you have a general idea of value of these cars you can figure how much it cost.











Regardless of what route you take good luck and do share when you pickup your car.



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C10 are 15k-25k USD, bought in Japan. Obviously a C10 (four) will cost the least, GC10 (six) will cost more, GT-X more yet and GT-R will cost even more.


The best deals are to buy one that's already here, through an import company that's already brought one over. Or a private party, e.g. eBay but not many come up for sale.


To custom order a used car, how much does JDM Legends charge for arranging inspection, purchase, shipping, etc? Places I've checked with charge about $5k for this, over and above the purchase cost of the car.


unless you plan to import the car yourself which is expensive
It will take about $4k over purchase cost to go through a japan export company.
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