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Bare 280Zx struts modified for coilovers and low milage tokico illumina 5 way adjustables

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Ok here is the deal, im about to custom make some s13 coilovers for my 510. It would be a waste to modify my zx coilover set again. Someone can use this setup. Im selling the bare struts (no coilovers, top hats, dust shield, rotor, hub, caliper) bare struts with tokico illumina shocks. Maybe 5k miles on the shocks. Perfect condition. All at a great ratsun price of $100 plus your unmodified bare zx struts... pm me here or call/text 8182558574.

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Sounds to me like you messed up? And wanna start fresh LOL 100 dollars plus struts for some tubes?

Haha ha nope dot com... I have pix of them, pix of my short stroke set and pix of my s13 coilovers if youd like to see... I was just trying to help a fellow ratsuner out.. plus 100 for a set of illuminas is cheap as is... I dont sell crap... Please keep negative coments elsewhere...


I hope people arnt confused... I have a set of 82 zx strut tubes (with spindle ofcourse) their modified for coilovers. They have illumina inserts in them. Im trying to sell them for a set of unmodified zx strut tubes and 100 so I can hack those for my s13 coilover setup...

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