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Run away truck!


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So today my family decided to head up to julian. From where I live to the mountain town its about 70 miles up and around twisty mountain roads, thought it would be a perfect time to take out my truck PLUS it was nice and sunny in san diego. The truck made it up the mountain like a champ but once i got about 10 miles from the town i just felt my gas pedal drop below my foot to the ground and i hear my RPM go high and higher. I got to a T-section and when i go to step on my pedal their was just a loud scream of the motor. I tried to signal my brother and my parents that where in their own cars that i have a problem and to pull over. I pop the hood and right away see that the throttle was really lose but did not know why. My dad points out that their is no throttle spring attached. I really didnt want to leave my datsun in the middle of nowhere on the side of the road so my parents agreed to go infront of me and my brother behind and to go SLOW! we made it to the town and luckly their is a napa autoparts store in the little town but no springs :/ the guy pointed me to a hardware store that might have some springs in stock so i head over and pick something out that i thought would fit. get back to the truck and find the spring broken on one end and it was really rusty.


heres some pictures, enjoy :)


Everything was fine and dandy playing in the snow lol


BAM! it happen at the T-section




The damage




Their is also some prety bad wear on the throttle arm and its almost all the way though, Ill take some pictures tomorrow

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I have had the throttle spring break on 521 trucks also. It happens. I also took the arm that holds the top end of the spring off the carb, and put a little weld bead where the spring wore a groove in the arm. The stock 521 carb also has a second spring on the secondary. This spring will close the secondary side of the carb, and close the primary to about 60% open.


If you have not changed your brakes to using a power brake booster, you only need the engine to run, to make the truck go. The truck will steer, and brake, just like normal, in neutral with the engine shut off. You just cannot accelerate, or hold a steady speed.

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I have a habit of keeping a big coffee can filled with hardware that I have collected from Datsun motors and stuff. Nuts, bolts, springs, hose clamps. Keep it behind your seat.


One thing I noticed, granted I have the Weber DGV, but chugging up a hill with only the throttle plate springs (which aren't very strong) the throttle would stick open until the hill was scaled. I don't know if it was something due to the motor being under rigorous load so it's drawing in lots of air through the cracked throttle plates, thus they won't close...


That is certainly one thing I HATE able cable setups. I refuse to use them if I don't have to. This way you can pop the pedal with your toe if needed.

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