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'66 520 Cracked head


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I recently purchased a '66 520,. It was running like crap and based on how the plugs looked it needed a headgasket. I pulled the head and it turns out it needs valve guides (which did not surprise me) and has a crack in the seat of the #3 exhaust valve (which did). Should I get it repaired (probably around $300)? How much do heads run? Anyone have one for sale (without any cracks)? I only need the bare head, my whole valve train is in good shape.




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Sorry guys, in retrospect that wasn't a great first post. Let me try again.

Yes, it does have the original J13, and the question I wanted to ask is threefold: Will the other J series heads, or any MG heads fit the J13? Is it likely I can get one for less than the $300 it will take to get my head back into shape? And if so, does anyone on this forum have one for sale in the Louisiana/Mississippi gulf region?




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I have been told that MGB B-series heads will bolt right on the J-series block. The MGB is an 1800cc motor. You can get parts and new heads from Moss Motors, or Victoria British Limited. Probably find old used Datsun stuff cheaper. But not always available.

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