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power steering belt???

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i picked up an 85 720 KC for pretty much free, had no engine or transmission. i put the z24 and trans from my standard into it. this KC has powersteering, the PO left the pump hooked up. i bolted it to the engine where it should go, now my problem is, if i put the belt on to drive it, it looks like the belt is going to hit the fan clutch/water pump.


does anyone have a picture of a z24 with the power steering pump mounted with a belt, so i can figure out what i'm doing wrong... i really want my power steering, turning 33s with arm strength is getting old.

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You don't always need to use the factory suggested belts. Once you find an idler pulley that works, take a piece of rope and bring the rope end to end around all of the pulleys the regular belt would go through, then measure the length. Use that to find a belt long enough. Just make sure the width and depth of the "custom" belt is the same as the suggested factory size, other wise it'll sit too far or too deep in the pulley grooves.


This is what I did for my Z when I swapped out the alternator for a 140 amp Cadillac DeVille one. :)

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It looks like most Datsun idler pulleys. Just a wheel on a bracket with a threaded bolt for adjustment. You'll see it at the J/Y. But they might differ Z22 to Z24 to SD25. Both Z idlers are probably the same, but you never know


The SD22/25 power steering pump and idlers are under the injection pump basicly on the bottom of the engine, and you access all of it from the bottom except for the fluid reservior itself. If you ever see a stock diesel power steering system for sale, or in a wrecking yard, PLEASE tell me, as I will buy it. There are a lot of 720s out there with power steering, finding what you need should not be that difficult.

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can anyone get a PN for the pulley?? i went JY hunting today, managed to find a bracket, or what i believe to be the bracket, has an adjuster, bolts to the head opposite the power steering pump, but i have no pulley. napa doesnt show any idler pulleys for and datsun pickups. and they dont believe me that it does indeed exist.

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well i finally got around to tracing around an idler pulley. the 11945-03g0a can be googled and gotten for 40 bucks flat.


or you can go to napa or orielleys and get the pulley p/n 38036.


i found it by mistake. orielly, napa, summit, rockauto, and almost everywhere else have 38037 or similar listed as the 1986 p/s idler pulley. i bought one for 25 to find out the shaft size was too big. i took it back, after a little while we discovered another 81mm pulley, next to the one they have in the system. sure enough, it fit perfectly. and was only off by one number. not to mention 38036 was 5 bucks cheaper.


picture, left is the listed, right is the correct.







after a few 7/16" washers as spacers, and a 2nd belt (napa got that one wrong too) i finally have power steering again. makes turning these 33s a lot easier.





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