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Trying to update from my phone because my wifi doesn't exist anymore.




Finally got the dash top made and sanded the hell out of everything. Hit it with a couple coats of stain and some finish. Really stoked on how it came out.



I ended up ripping a remaining piece of walnut I had from the initial board down. I tried to get the seam as close as possible to center. Had to cover the seam with something because it looked like dog shit, so I made this crafty little guy out of some stainless.



You can see the angles of the topper they tilt inward, so they were flush in the front, but there was a quarter inch gap in the rear. Had a lot of fun making that piece. Makes me want to get into jewelry making or something.




Trying to get the factory defrost vent pieces to fit into the mix. I had to cut a lot off of the sides to get it to sit flat, and then sanded the notches for the cage.



I used brass hardware to hold the defrost vents to the dash. Through bolted them because they needed to be removable, and also because I couldn't get a screwgun in under the windscreen. The hardware isn't torqued down in that shot because it's crazy hard to get to, defintely a 2 man job.





I think I found a bumper. It's some rare model bumper from the early 2002 bmw. I don't know if it's ever been done before but it fits the wagon like it was made for it, and it matches the front bumper, crazy.




Another shot of the vents.


Hopefully get the clutch in this week and build up a trans mount! Thanks for looking!

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Started unwinding this thing a little, ordered a bunch of power braid and a pressure switch for the brake lights. I can't believe wilwood doesn't have a switch option.




Got this thing mostly back together. The injectors and fuel rail are in, new belt and filter. I took off the valve cover just to make sure a pile of dirt wasn't in there after sitting for so long.





Obviously the clutch is also on there.




Started bending up some new brake lines. I had never used the copper ones, and I'm not a huge fan. First off it bends very easily, almost to the point of being fragile if you're trying to achieve a nice install. I was fucked from the start however because my dumbass was using the wrong side of my flaring tool... awesome.


So basically I had it in there looking pretty nice, go to bleed the system and almost all of my unions were leaking. Had to take it apart, straighten. Them out as best I could and re-flare the ones that were no good. Needless to say it didn't look as good after that fiasco. There's no more leaks and I have front brakes which is cool with me.

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Got most of the engine wired up, figured out a spot to pass through the firewall, away from the exhaust. It's tight under there with the ecu and all of both harnesses but it's taking shape.


I got a box of power braid and a pressure switch for the brakes. The starter I've been hauling around with me forever ended up being for a ka. I have no idea where it came from or where the starter for the sr ended up, so I ordered a new one.


Also ordered battery cables and a set of bell housing bolts because apparently I lost a couple of those and the starter hardware.




Used my old datsun steering column and whipped up this shifter. Ordered a walnut 240z shift knob to match the dash and steering wheel. I'm a big fan of a long shifter, might toss a short throw under it.




My dude at the Subaru shop next door snagged this off of a customer car, he had it on the shelf and just gave it to me when I asked about it. Took my fuel rail back off and had the hole for the Nismo fpr welded up, and plugged the hole for the guage.




So this is how the feed line is gonna sit, ended up being way more room than I thought and it looks rad. Straight out the back to the reg, and then run everything under the car to the rear.




And then there's this...

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Little update, I couldn't use the McKinney trans mount because it hung so incredibly low. It's made for running a full 3 inch exhaust to the rear of the car.


Whipped up this low pro model a few days back.




Also ran a power cable to the starter and wired up the alternator.




Had to snap some shots on the lift.






Quickly buttoned up the rear end, I didn't spend an insane amount of time on this because...




It's getting some board foot to match the dashboard.





Also decided to go ahead and not use the switch box that came with my kit. Sourced a bunch of momentary switches and banged out this thing.




It was about this time I realized I had made a mistake, and that the painless switchbox I had bought wasn't going to fly.





So then this happened...




Kind of cool aero, mid century, fancy pants looking, but I'm proud of it.




Still need to cut a couple of holes for the fill neck, sand the dowel joints between two boards. My homie did the dowel joints for me, but we couldn't fit the whole thing through the planer.


Besides that it's just some stain. Going to try and knock out the rear side panels and the rear door panels again tomorrow. I made some already but I used the wrong material.


Ordered a tach and fue guage, map and iat sensors, and dropped my slip yoke off with a length measurement.


Steady checking things off.

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Banged out some rear door cards today. I used the crank to mark the radius. I'd really like to get a real bead roller someday. Tired of asking my buddies to crank for me.




Had a friend draw this up for me, he's hopefully gonna engrave it on my tank soon.




Got the pipe all wrapped up.




Sanded and stained the rear deck. Also sourced a battery disconnect switch that uses a key! Really happy with how it looks.

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Few more guages showed up, two double needle psi guages for the air, and a sw fuel guage.




Also this moon single sweep tach. I rubbed the living shit out of everything with scotch bright to get the brushed look.


Sacked up and bought the tools and connectors to make deutche connectors. After making these two, once you have the tools they're worth every penny in my opinion.


I also installed a 12v cigarette lighter. I had the old lighter from the van, still need to grab some pics of that though.




Steady rolling. I had a friend wire up the dashboard air switch panel for me and we charged the system with my shop air. I wish I could post a video of it because it's hilarious. I'll try and get one up tomorrow or something.

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Found out recently that the lease on our shop will not be getting re-signed... so it's game time to get this thing together enough to go to someone elses place for a little..

He was preparing to move the goon. Maybe he hasnt had time or olace to work on it since?

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Also sourced a battery disconnect switch that uses a key! Really happy with how it looks.


Where did you get this?  It looks like a well made piece.


Looking forward to more updates.  Really cool and unique project.

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Not a lot to report, but somethings have been happening. 


I packed up my entire shop and moved, currently I have a spot allocated for the shop, but it needs insulation and electricity. The good news is it's a fair size, and It's MINE!




Finally rolled the old gal outside and threw her on a trailer.




Ended up sitting between an NSX and an old dodge pickup with like a 120mm turbo.




Vanjen clamps and pipes done. Radiator and FMIC mounting finalized.











the same guy who is doing my pipes had my crank pulley machined down so I should have plenty of room for the fan and shroud now. I decided to let him handle that as well, He's done a few of them and they look awesome. Waterjet cut type stuff.




these joints are pretty sweet, I didn't even know about these things before I took it to Scott's. Fancy shit I guess.



Hopefully update soon when she's finished at his place!



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Haven't updated this because of the fuckshow that is photobucket. The car made 350 horse and 330.ft lbs at 16 psi, had some small issues here and there, mainly being my friend taking it joy riding with the hood open... nice.


Planning on re hosting all of the build photos somewhere else. If anyone is having luck with a 3rd party host let me know, I'm using my phone currently but I'll try to fix my thread soon.


The car fucking rips.

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