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Look what I got for X-Mass

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Look what 510freak gave me for Christmas.....




Looks like Road & Track ads for the 710. The top one even looks like the '74 4 door I have. I think the '75 and on had chrome bumpers. (just not the smiley ones) Couple of skylines and there's a key chain there somewhere. Dude thanks so much! I had the PM off and was in the back of the house so pound on that door a little louder will ya! Going to frame it.


Kids are all out on their own, two are married, in other provinces and expecting, ones near but got a new house and planning a wedding. There's just Mrs.d and I and, well Christmas is for kids and I haven't thought much about it till an hour ago. Thanks again lou and merry Christmas to you and your ladies, two legged and four wheeled.




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Guest 510kamikazifreak

Your welcome Mike.

Wish I could be happy right now.

but came back here and shortly there after, was talking to my mom,and she had a siezure(never had one in her life)and was taken in ambulance,been at the hospital since 4, she had another seizure,has had cat scan,all the stuff :(

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

Oh shit dude, I hope they get it figured out. That's some scary stuff right there. I'll think some positive thoughts for your mom tonight.



thanks man...

She is somewhat coherant(as of 12:45am)in icu,lots of tests,scans..



sorry for crapping on thread with this mike..

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

Well Mom is doing alot better, hopefully be out for Christmas time will tell,has to get eeg(I think thats what its called)in Nanaimo,was apperantly a epileptic seizure(to be more determined by eeg??)is on seizure meds now.

They trying to figure out what triggered it.




Sure glad you lke the stuff Mike.

you can delete all moms stuff out of your thread if you like,

wasnt going to start a thread about that just had to get it out.

long day(since yesterday 6 am til now 2 hrs sleep.going back to hospital in a lil while had first meal since lunch yesterday just now.

wife and son are up there right now with dad.

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