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72 2 dr 510 chevy v8 new $s, sold sold , thanks everyone

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http://sacramento.cr...2765734044.html , please call me at 916-995-8723 (sacarmento) , sorry for not adding the $ amount..................3,499 obo thanks everyone

3,499 obo , 72 datsun 2dr 510 with injected CHEVY 305 (firewall was cut and motor placed back for weight displacement)car started with a 383 ,it has a 400 trans with shift kit(slap shifter) , 200sx ind(lsd) rear end , straight pipes ceramic coated headers (custom made headers), fuel cell, battery in relocated to trunk, front disk brake conversion done , it has a wide body kit (that makes it look tough and holds them big rims & tires under it well, electric fan with toggle switch, 15x9 weld racing wheels (all four matching 60 series tires 75%) , roll bar , new carpet, new computer new thermostat ,racing seats with racing harness belts , after market front sway bar , DOESNT HAVE A HOOD BUT WILL CLEAR WITH ONE ON IT , bow tie in the grill , head light conversion done also ,brand new windshiled and front and rear gaskets , im sure theirs more , ill update as i remember and find more add ons , 3rd gear scratch at like 50 is just crazy :lol2: , its a bad as toy and turns heads , please call me at 916-995-8723 , thank u













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so i had one of your hall moniters send me this , im not not telling anyone the info , the car is what it is , and it needs what it needs , anyone thats called me then i told them , if it was perfect then it would go for alot more correct , im not leach on the old school community, just because u havent heard of me or know anything about me , i wanted to bring this up in the open , because im not hiding anything ,also do u have a copy of the add from the month before he needed christmas money for 5,200 , yah u didnt bring that up ,i might be a newbie here but not to the old school , its not like i signed up here under a datsun name , im not hiding thank u everyone.... go ahead datsun guys let me have it , ill cut this thing in half and hang it on my other wall





So I'm wondering if you have fixed the problem that this car has/had, I talked to the original owner months ago and he described the problems in full detail i.e wiring issues,rear end noise, transmissions problems also I know that this car was for sale last week for $2500 in Santa Rosa and have the sf bay Craigslist add to prove it I would suggest letting people know the problems and also most people know when your first post is a for sale thread your just on the forum to make money good luck with the sale I would probably post it else where



my response to his

so r u the guy thats flagging my add on craigslist ? i know it has problems and yes some have been corrected and some havent been , thats why the price , do the research on me ive been doing these old school cars for over 22 yrs yes mostley celicas , but all my friends had the dimes also , just us celi guys dont like the dime guys and visa versa , i do apreciate u sending me a pm , but if anything u r acting classless by telling me to go some where else and flagging my add on craigslist ,



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another asset to the classic car community, thank you for your love of these treasured vehicles




thank u sir , im sorry i know im n newbie and i have to take my lumps , but i had to stand up for my self , thanks again

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You should take the craigslist ad info and just paste it in the first post..then nobody can delete .and it would be easier for us to check it out.




good point, done , what do u guys think about the price (yes not perfect) but parts alone and the work thats been done, if we ran accross this amount of work done to one of our celicas community it would be gone in a day or so ,thank u sir

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