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620 KA24 Motor Mount brackets


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Will do!! my payment will be under acehaole@yahoo.com .. Thanks!! Happy Holidays!!


Got it. I will have them in the mailbox shortly. Thanks a bunch.


i think you are going to have to make some more of them :D


So do I, I'm out of completed mounts now. I will have another 5 sets available after New Years.


Out of this first batch, I have 1 set going to find out if they will work on the CA18 into a 620 and another for test fitting into a 521. Once I get feedback on those I will let you guys know. :cool:

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Love the Nissan parts interchangibility. :cool:


Bump for the last set. BTW, please PM me on here if you would like a set.


Reaon is...

I got an email about these and it was caught in my junk mail.

I found it and replied, but I am not sure if it got through their junk mail filter.

Easiest to work through the ratsun PM system. I only have them available here anyways. Thanks :)

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5 more sets available. PM me for purchase.



It was brought to my attention that the rubber mounts on the 620 varied a little throughout the years. I recommend using the later L20B style mounts as this is what the design was based on.


Thanks. :)

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Wanted to bump this and add some pics. Eric Garside got his new mounts on. He had to grind the passenger side mount a little to get it to clear the intake brace and a little at the top to clear a bolt boss. You can see in his pics where he did the grinding.


This is really for the couple of guys who have already purchased sets from me. The next batch will be clearanced before I send them out. I will also be getting them powdercoated black.


Anyway heres the quote/pics of Erics install. Thanks again for the pics :D



Got the motor dropped in on the custom mounts from Redeye (Thanks again buddy!!!)

















If you want a set before powdercoat let me know now :)

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