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interior panels, rear deck w/ speakers, wheels

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Rear panels for a 2 door 510: $10 plus shipping obo

one of the previous owners cut 6x9 speaker holes in them, they werent in a good place to mount speakers.






rear deck with speakers: $20 plus shipping

A buddy of mine just ended up using it as a stencil for a thicker board that could hold more speakers, this looked, fit, and functioned fine when I was using it..





4 14x7 steelies: $50

would rather not ship because they are pretty heavy, but im not completely opposed to it

not really sure what they are off of, they were on my 510 when I got it I dont think it was a 510, I did a little digging and I think they might be from an early 70s Z car if that even makes a difference. Im new to datsuns so Im not sure.

they could use a good sanding and repainting to look nice, It doesnt look like there is any curbing, just uneven paint




the finish




I check the forum relativity frequently but the quickest way to get a hold of me is email Sromeyn@gmail.com

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