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Starting to get frustrated

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Skib is correct ,,, Agreed Entirely ,,, Unless the guy Modified the bar ( you better email him or contact him for sure if you are unsure for your peace of mind )


I can't see the pic ? ( not funnin with ya )


if he has not modified it ,,,, then purchase s30/280z R-200 Mustache Bar Poly-urethane bushings from MotorSportAuto ,,, or dealer Rubber Bushings ,,,


---------------------- FOR POLY BUSHINGS ----------------------


(1) --- If taking out old s30 bushings ,,, you can either torch them out ( wear a mask shit will not come out of your lungs !!! open area ) ,,, or drill the outer perimeter of the rubber in the bushing ,,, with a 3/16" drill bit ( or choose a size ) ,,, in a drill press or free-hand ,,, once loose enough knock out the center rubber ,,, for rubber bushing's you will also have to cut the thin metal sleeve ,,, Poly's require the thin metal sleeve stay intact inside the Bar !


(2) --- then use a wire cup wheel on a 3/8" drill ,,, to clean the internal diameter of the bushing/sleeve ( keep the old metal sleeve inside from the rubber bushing if installing poly bushings !!! ) ,,,


(3) ---- should take aproximately 1 minute to clean each end throughly ,,, ( wire cup wheels from harbor freight ) ,,,


(4) --- then use special polu lube on end of the top bushing (install only top bushings for now) ,,, tap in with a rubber mallet or block of wood on ,,, on poly contact surface ,,,


(5) --- next grab all hardware ,,, go underneath car ,,, ( s30 installation instructions but applicable ) ,,,


(6) --- attach mustache bar to r200 ,,, ((( or however easiet to get the bar top end into body mounting bolts via differential attached then attach bar to differential ))) ,,,


(7) --- once up in postion ,,, slide center poly metal sleeve up into top bushing (guided on mounting bolt) ,,,


(8) --- then grab both lower bushings ,,, and lightly tap in a touch enough to keep them from falling out ,,, one end at a time ,,,


(9) --- next grab the washers and nuts ,,, finger tight ,,, then tighten each one evenly ,,, it will suck the bushing up into the bar ,,, on each end ,, and tighten ,,, easiet way for me to install the bushings without a lot of hassle !!!


(!0) --- you may consider getting a front differential mount at this time if yours is no good ,,, as well as check condition of your limiter strap on-top ( all r-200's had them )


NOTE..s: --- ,,, depending on method of reinstallation ,,, Installing just top bushings and positioning the bar in place ,,, for S30 zcars ,,, has proven to be a much easier way for me ,,, faster ,,, installing all bushings before installing the bar ,,, can prove to be a bear ,,, depending on how you install the diff ,,, ((( in which I install mine as Mustache Bar ,,, Diff ,,, mount ,,, etc all attached ,,, which is easiet for me ) ))) Two different sized washers ,,, On S30's ,,, Big Diameter goes on Top between body and bar ! and Smaller Diameter Goes on Bottom ! ,,,, Do not cut out the steel sleeve ,,, if you using poly's !


BUT ,,, obviously you can also install the R200 bar with bushings in it first obviously ,,, then install the diff and diff mount if you wish ,,, this is just the way I have done it fastest ( for me )

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Looking at the pic of the highly modified mustache bar, I would say you need the stock dealer bushings. It doesn't look like the sleeves are in the mustache bar from the old stock rubber bushings. If that is the case, then the poly bushings will be too small.

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