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1970 Datsun 510 wagon - $4000

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I have a 1970 datsun 510 wagon it's my daily driver, the car runs great it has ka24 engine. It's a very solid car it's has no cancer it does have some minor serface rust but nothing too bad. This wagon would be great for a full restoration its not missing any pieces the car is complete and original , no bondo it's has original paint from the factory . I'm in no hurry to sale just testing out the waters I'm also interested in trades but no project cars needs to be running so let me now what you have,


You can contact me at (818)497-3574 ask for Dennis








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Dat521, What is the chance that you will give me the tow bar back from that wagon that you and your dad promised me when I sold you that goon? It has been a couple of years and the last time I asked you said naw. I made a deal with your dad and mom to sell you the car cheap because I thought you were going to finish the project off knowing your dad is a painter. The car looks exactly the same as when I sold it to you except for a few decals you added. Call me @ 562-818-1270 to let me know if you have changed your mind. You can even post your decision as well. Thanks.


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do you still have this car? interior pics?


Just fyi - I pm'ed the seller weeks ago and here's his reply:


"Sorry for the late replay , I'm pulling the wagon off the market for right now I'm wanna fix some stuff before I sale it . I want it to be running in tiptop shape before sale it ."

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