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WTB honey bee stickers

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These are all for dodge. I want datsun side stripes/and the datsun bee. not dodge. I want them for my '73' 1800. That I plan to put a 11 to 1 .040 over na ka24de @ 180 hp w/ a r200 vlsd . I have all the parts. Just wating for spring. Im in WI. Lee

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Does any one know where to buy super bee full size side stickers? Lee


Yup, he does say super bee.... :lol: j/k I knew what you wanted. Have you tried the dealer? They can ask around the other dealers, see if there is one still in inventory.


99990-00278 Black decal clear lettering front fend. L&R. Rear quarters L&R 'Bee' decals, trunk lid 'Honeybee' decal.

99990-00276 same as above but in black and yellow.

99990-00277 yellow and black 1/2" stripes L&R front fend., door, rear qtrs. , 'Honeybee w/wheels' decal L&R and trunk lid.

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