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help our fearless leader get home!!!

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hey guys, looks like skib needs a little help getting home for the holidays. can we paypal hime some moneys to get him back? a few bucks from several members would go a long way. help a guy out, its the holidays!





skib, waiting your approval for this. it isnt meant to be a charity, just a helping hand from some friends. give us your paypal info, and lets get you home!! :)

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Normally Im like.....




Then I saw this thread and I was like.....




and then I was like.....







......... thanks dudes, Im usually not very with good accepting stuff like this :P but its much appreciated








meanwhile in insomniacs..............



















Skib suits him moar :lol:

does too :lol:

Skib is a Much better name than ****** .... :lol:





lol thus why I never use my real name, should go get it changed :lol:

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Haven't met you yet, not like that matters, but i know the importance of family and how bad you need to get home...

I'll send some $ when i get home from class...may not be much, but i'm sure every little bit counts.

Hopefully we all can get you where you need to be!! biggrin.gif

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