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280z axel on 510

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Nevermind, read your OxTHER THREAD dry.gif


280z should have an r180. Bolts right in.


Stub Axles from a R-180 and R-200 are different


R-200 Gearing Info here ( specifically z-cars ) ---> http://www.zhome.com...GearRatios.html


75-78 280z = R200 (typically)


70-73 240z = R180


Some rarer variations of r180 in later 280zx and 280z' models are recorded ,,, I have always seen R200's though ,,, I can't say for sure on 260z's now that I think about it :huh: ( tip of the tongue phenomenon ) ,,, It has been a long day lol


isnt a 280z a R200? half shafts are to long on a 510 or the Dust cover needs cut, soemthing needs to be done with them I think.

R180s will work with the 510 half shafts but most R180s are the C cliptype and need the spider gear swapped in from a R160 then use the 510 half shafts


Yes ,,, 280z = R200 typically


I am not famaliar with the conversion process to 510's ,,, I am a Z-guy

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