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Rear axel needed for 4dr 510 72'

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i broke an axel.... too many burnouts, and anyways i need an axel, left rear if it matters, and the part that bolts to the diff. Its my daily and the drive shaft shop (powertrain) said it would be too labor intensive to fix axel and that they didnt have the part that would bolt on the diff, they pulled on out but bolt holes were smaller and it looked like 1/4 the strength of the stock one and there was not enough steel to drill it out. So just let me know if any one has an axel and does a 280z axel bolt up?

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dont do burn outs with a R160.


axle is vauge? You mean half shaft? Or stub shaft? Maybe its just bad U joint?

U live in the USA which is close But WHERE might be closer if I have the part.


i mean the shaft that is between the hub that bolts to the wheel and the diff, The u joint got torn to pieces and the end of the axel were the u joint attaches got ripped up


and im in long beach ca

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