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waynos acquisitions, ect.


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I am scrapping this out, its doors don't close correctly, all the glass is good though. I am keeping the drive train(engine, transmission and driveline) and wiring harness, and maybe the front seats, I was planning on selling parts off of it, but if someone wants to give me scrap price for it, they can have it.

It doesn't have a title, but it does have some paperwork, I beleave enough for me to get rid of it to a scrap yard anyway. I have the original bill of sale to a well known person in the datsun community, and a certificate of lein/foreclosure, I beleave there is enough to get a title in the state of washington, I have done it with the same papers in the past. This has been sitting since 2006. wayno

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Someone eventually will want


* the rare passenger side mirror fits 620, B210 and B110

* all the badges even the little ones

* all the A/C parts

* the strut/brake assemblies

* the rear diff pumpkin, especially if it is not the 3.9 ratio -- I sold two 3.454 units this past summer and could have sold more

* armrest fits 620s

* 2-dr sedan rear side window weatherstripping fits the B110s

* Ignition switch fits most Datsuns


The 5-speed A14s are the lo-po versions at 60HP compared to 80HP for 4-speed versions (check the underhood plate to verify). The lo-po is a better engine, will have less wear and get better fuel economy. Better all around under 4,000 RPM.

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Hmm well maybe a picture of it sometime would be great.



I will try to get some photos of the interior tomarrow while it is still light outside, it might have been blue at one time and faded to a blue/green, but the outside is faded blue. The front seats are blue around the base/trim with a plaid body.

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I'm interested in the tail lights and the drivers side seat belt. I don't care what color the seatbelt is as long as it retracts. I'd be interested in that pass side mirror as well. Also, how's the windshield? And the shifter boot?

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I'm interested in the tail lights and the drivers side seat belt. I don't care what color the seatbelt is as long as it retracts. I'd be interested in that pass side mirror as well. Also, how's the windshield?



The drivers side taillight is cracked, I pulled the seat belt out to get a photo of its color, and it is not retracting back in, it was all the way in before I pulled it out??? It seems that everyone wants that pass. mirrior, and the windshield is good as far as I can tell, dirty but good. These are the tags under the hood, does this mean it has a 370 gearset?






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Here's the rest:


HLB310 = Hi-power LHD B310

733488 = chassis serial number



[no code] = Standard trim

R = 2-dr sedan

F = Five speed

U = United States Domestic Market (not CAL, not CAN)


815 = exterior color code (light blue metallic)

B = interior trim code (Blue)


A14(S) = Single carburetor

1397 = CCs of the A14 engine


FS5W60A = Floor shift, 5-speed, Warner synchros, 60-series, A design revision


HB37 = Hitach B (H150), 3.7 ratio


U = Zama plant



It was equipped with the FU engine

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As I was pulling this car apart today, I removed the windshield and found a tiny rock chip around the rear view mirror area, with a couple small cracks starting, but they are less than an 1/8 inch long, i'm bumming, had it sold, it is so small and could be fixed by a professional glass guy, but it is chipped. I removed the drivers side retactable seat belt to try and figure out why it didn't retract when I pulled it out for a photo of the color, I pulled it apart and was surprized about how it worked, I also figured out why it didn't go back in, it was slightly kinked(the spring), and once I got it by that part it worked fine again, and I pulled it past that part a couple times and it worked fine??? I am going to pull most the good parts off over the next couple days and then get rid of the cab/body, I don't know what is rare, and I don't want to store a bunch of 210 parts long term, so if you want something, chime in. Keep in mind that large parts are expensive to ship, I am keeping the drivetrain from the driveline forward, and the wiring harness with all componets, and I mean every switch. wayno

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Someone replaced the head on the engine, changed the timing chain, ect. They didn't know what they were doing I was told, as they(the guy I bought it from) beleave that the timing chain was put on wrong, as it wouldn't run, it is hard to tell how far down the engine was taken, and this worries me, as the rodend bolts are one use only bolts, not to be reused, Dan Hart told me this when I went to his shop telling him that when I was trying to torque the rodends on an A15 in the past, they kept stretching on me. He said that guys that reuse them have there engine just explode for what seems to be no reason, no warning at all, they just explode. I was going to tear the front off and see what the cam is timed at and go from there. I mainly bought this car for the tranny, the engine is just a bonus if I can get it running.

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Yes the lower part, glovebox, steering column cover and I think thats it.


Cricket is shit service, don't anyone use it, it is a crap internet provider, I would have had DSL now if that company would have showed up to put it in in a reasonable timeline, I waited for hours, then they finally called when I had to leave. The reason for my fit is that I had this post done, I posted, and the connection dumped me again, and it doesn't let you know till it's to late.


The parts you are interested in have issues, the glovebox door is an ugly shade of faded blue, and the chrome lever to open it is pealing, the radio hole has been hacked, the strip of black plastic that runs between the instrument cluster and the column cover is split, and the last owner used black electrical tape to cover the split, otherwise it isn't to bad. :lol: I am going to keep the column complete for a project, along with the wiring harness with all componets connected to it.

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