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Ultimate Datsun F-10? The "F10-R" Hypothetical


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So I've been working on some F-10 art here and there, and it got me thinking, how could we make it as cool as possible?


I love an A-series but the thing that turns off most to the F10 is that it is FWD. So what could we swap into it to make it AWD?


Then it hit me. Baby Godzilla. Pulsar GTI-R. Now that would be interesting. They actually got them in Canada, so parts aren't that far away. So the thought that first comes to me is, can we literally do a subframe floor swap? Cut the body off the F-10 and weld it to the GTI-R? Like Bob did with the MX520?


So now we need a crazy Kanook to do it... Hmmm DATZENMIKE!




Wheelbase: The Gti-r is less than 2" longer than the F-10 (promising)

Track width: The GTI-r is About 6.5" wider than the F10 (need some 3"+ flares?)


The Body of the Git-r was only one inch longer. But we did have those huge bumpers...


So it sounds interesting with some flares on there. And since you are doing flares anyway you can move the opening of the fenders a bit to accomodate the 2" longer wheelbase on the GTi-R. 3" is a wide flare, but blended properly...


Here is a photochop w/o flares.


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Flares aren't that crazy of an idea since they came stock on the crazy X1-r:




And did you notice the similarities of the little vents on the hood of both the F-10 and the GTi-r? Like a direct homage!




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I looked at a Juke swap first. It would be rad.


About 5" longer wheelbase than the F-10. But a 10" wider track width which is a bit more to compensate for. Need some deeeep flares.


It just surprised me how close the GTi-r was. Almost like you could just use the floor and drivetrain under your F-10.


I still have my Suzuki swift GTi. That is a thought too, but just FWD.

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Stanza is a larger series car. B12 Sunny/Sentra is the same size as the N12/N13. Yes, USA got 4WD Sentra B12s.


The reason they had two cars the same size is that the original FF was designed by Prince, and sold by Nissan dealers. The JDM Datsun dealers had the FR Sunny, and Nissan dealers wanted something the same size. When the Sunny moved to FF with the B11, now they had two cars the same size ...

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Stanza is a larger series car.

If the USDM got them they would have had CA bellhousing right? I was thinking Stanza transmission, driveline, differential with a CA18DET might be tasty in an F10. Certainly not a bolt in affair but definitely doable and with fairly available (importable) parts.

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Canada did not get the gti-r as picutred We did get the fugly awd stanza wagon, aka the axxess or prairie.... And we got the nissan micra first and second gens...

Thought about a gti-r powered f10.... There 2 f10 s ffor sale here for dirt cheap.


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The GTI-R is based on the N14 chassis. F10 was 2nd-gen. GTI-R was 6th gen.


Mua ha ha, the history is almost begging for this swap to happen.


I have read that GTi-R swaps are a pain, but that is taking the individual guts from one and retrofitting a different chassis. But if you were cutting the entire floor out from the front struts back to the rear you might not even have to reroute the break lines. (Talking out of my butt here. As I am sure I have no idea what it would actually take.)It'd be a lot of patching for sure. The question I would have is where the firewall is centered between the wheels on the GTiR. Because you'd be using the firewall from the GTi-r.


Like these Chasis Swaps.


Mad Minor




Clean Thames to BMW 2002



Or more true to heritage and like make, this `65 Mustang on a 2003 mustang.


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Canada did not get the gti-r as picutred We did get the fugly awd stanza wagon, aka the axxess or prairie.... And we got the nissan micra first and second gens...

Thought about a gti-r powered f10.... There 2 f10 s ffor sale here for dirt cheap.



I see, I found this forum and thought Canada did get them. Too bad, but there seem to be a lot that were imported there and a few for sale on the forum. A few wrecked ones too!! (So you wouldn't feel bad cutting it more.)



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Not hard to get one in the USA either, the importers sometimes sell them "for parts"...


The front and rear cradles are nearly flat, so it would be an easy swap in the front, and fairly easy in the back (about like fitting IRS to a 510 wagon. Just shorten the center driveshaft 2 inches ... and then all those wires. Get a CAN AM box.

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I considered trying a floor pan swap once upon a time, but I think a subframe swap would be easier. Looking at the unibody cars that I've owned, an adapter shouldn't be too difficult to build. As for trans tunnels, we've seen that those can be done as simply as a wheel barrow and some flashing. Brake lines hopefully aren't too difficult to custom build As I will be needing those soon for my current project.


Long story short, I'm saying it could be done for atleast as cheap as my j30 to 620 mash up.

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I do wonder if all that engine will fit under the hood of the F10. But this gives an excuse to use the hoodscoop from the GTiR.


GG do you think it would be easier to mount the rear subframe into the F10 shell rather than to use the entire floor from wheel to wheel and move the fender when you cut for flares? I have no idea, just looking at those chassis swaps on buildthreads.com and many seemed to keep the entire floor in tact, even on the RWD cars.


Interestingly, in most cases it seems they are putting the bodies on much wider cars requiring massive flares, nice that this is a much closer track width relationship.

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The CAN/AM box is to interface the powertrain wiring to the body/chassis wiring. It is not intended to replace the engine wiring.


Rear suspension is four point mount to the body. Your guess is as good as mine.


And the F10 is a lightweight, so you'll get better power/weight than those larger cars.

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