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Another thing is that I read in a Z forum that the L series engine can handle up to 350 hp with the stock pistons??


Maybe.........with a six cylinder. Stock Nissan non turbo pistons will do about 4-5 psi all day. You want more, plan on pistons and a rebuild. 


I checked on the OZDAT.COM engine utility. Looks like the early turbo Z L28 pistons would be your best bet. It WILL require a 1mm over bore. And with a U67 head you compression would be 7.8. With a V912 head (for comparison) your compression would be 8.2.


How much boost do you plan to put through this thing? If your plans are above 8-10, I would go with the lower static compression.

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Hi Jes.

I plan on running between 8-12 lbs of boost. I've been doing a lot of research on the L series head, and found that 210 head in the right hands is a great starting point.

Although the U67 head is a better match for my setup,

I can't afford it and they are hard to find.

My other plan is to open up my A87 head and create some space like the 210 head. Not much just a bit off the peanut part in between the valves and next to the spark plugs. What's your opinion on that?



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Some great info here on Datsun L series cylinder heads.


I had started building a turboed LZ2.3. I was going to use a U67 head. Honestly, I think it would be a waste of a A87 head to start grinding OUT the peanut shape. Just sell that head and buy a U67.  You coming to Camby? I'll bring one with me.


As for keeping it sealed with 12# of boost, I would O-ring the block and be done. You can rent the gizzy that does the work when you buy the rings. 

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I would agree with Jester, just find a U67 head, it has all the things you need, it's an open chamber, it has big valves already, and it has the large intake runners, it's a win/win/win, you will spend more money modifying what you have than what you would spend buying a U67 head.

You do not want to do anything with a 210 head, they have tiny valves, tiny intakes, it's like shoving air threw an hour glass, how much time you have? :lol:

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I'm not sure how the o-ring effects the head gasket. I have a buddy that runs rings on his race engine. I'll ask him and report back.

I'll post up a pick of the head I have too. I'm n I think going to use it so it well be Ratsun priced.

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Hey Jes, im not O-ringing the block, instead I'm O-ringing the head gasket. Due to to many problems with leaking coolant and oil. Here is where im at, I order the z pistons but in a good way they fell through they didn't have enough in stock to complete my order.

so I decided to get some forged pistons and with the u67 having 45.3cc compared to the A87 that has 841cc that's a big step up. Although I still need to create 10 more cc.

with a 87mm bore piston with a flat top and a 32 mm from the center of the pin to the top of the piston with the stock rods I should get 55cc and can run boost as Hi as 20 psi.

so how much are you gonna sell me that head for? And when can I get it?

Again thank you for all your help!


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Hi all.

Well here is where I'm at, I did a craps load of research and also spoke with Robello. I have ready to order some custom forged pistons: 87mm bore, 38.1 compression,

-21dish gonna leave the head as it is. Maybe change the cam. Gonna O-ring the head gasket not the block and use a composite or felpro gasket, still working on which would work best? This is what Dave from Robello suggested, he also said using copper gasket is crap!

I also purchased a rebuilt 280ZX 5 speed tranny with a center force clutch, does anyone know offhand if drive shaft off the z will fit?

I will post pics later.

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Hey I have a mid 80s truck ecu and dist,and intake if you need some stuff ,I had L18 turbo 521 with water inj. running side draft 48mm with o ringed block , some girl has my truck in LA now , two tone white and blue 521 still running 15+yrs.

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Cool, how was the power on it? I already have a distributor and a megasquirt for the Ecu.

Did you use a copper gasket and did you have any problems with it leaking? Also what where you at for boost?

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Im using megasquirt for an ecu. I like to keep it stock as possible and the megasquirt can control the dizzy for boost control its the 24 slot disc dizzy that megasquirt recommends.

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Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I just got my engine block, pistons and crank back from the shop and yes ill send pics. I was thinking about recording putting her back together, or at least

pics. they will include: engine build, head install, painting of engine bay, turbo install and intercooler. I will be starting this weekend so stay tuned. Oh yeah does anyone know where to get a oil restrictor 40mm I can't seem to find one, if not ill just make one. I also need a thermostat housing upper and lower?

Thank you a a all for being my friends!


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Hello all,

I have a question, does anyone know how to wire the dizzy from a 84-85 nissan 280z - 240sx. Using the nissan trigger from megasquirt?

My dizzy has a red,white green and black wires coming out, and need to know the correct way to wire it? 

I am going through the megasquirt to control the advancement due to the turbo. Once I get this figured I can start the car.

Thank you everyone!


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Hello all,

I'm in a bit of a bind. 

The custom pistons i had made had some problems with the design. Unfortunately they damaged the block and crank, I can get them repaired but will cost more than i'd like.

Does anyone out their have an L18 short block for sale or at the least a stock L18 crank?

Thank you all for your help.


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Post an ad in the classifieds. Cool build though!


Sorry to hear about the engine troubles.

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