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the cheapest skyline you will ever see

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I wonder what reserve price is???


i dont think its that high hes a member of jnc, and i dont think hes out to make a fortune.


its a shame, i personally think its an ugly car but had he posted it as a datsun/nissan it would have gotten alot more proper attention

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Good idea! An LS1 and C5 6-speed would go awesome in this!


Note the 6-lug wheels, just like my '59 datsun sedan. Cool. I bet they are reverse thread lug on one side.


I wanted to ratrod my '59, but it was in such solid condition, I can't do it. What I'd want to buy to hotrod is a car missing the original engine, interior,and a bunch or original stuff, just a solid shell with all the trim, then I wouldn't mind rodding it because getting the original parts would be incredibly hard. This car is almost too nice. If I got this in this condition, my goal would be to keep it original.


But if it is solid axle in the front and back, removing a couple of leafs from the back (and maybe the front if it is a parallel leaf setup like the `59) or a drop tube axle wouldn't hurt anything!


I don't mind a chevy motor in a mass produced z car (though I'd rather go RB or Y44) but a american engine in this car would make me...



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just as some say that toyota was trying to copy the mustang with some of their old celiccas, and i personally think some datsuns look like old mustangs, i can see how datsun got the idea from the old 57 chevy style cars. its actually an ingenious way to introduce a car company into a country, make the car youre trying to sell look exactly like the most popular car here. haha, though i dont much care for old mustangs or chevy's, this car is beautiful.

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I'd restore it to new, except I honestly wouldn't keep the stock motor. I'd stick a VK from a Titan in there. It'd look period correct, but it'd go a hell of a lot faster. Not joking. But I also don't have the time to invest in that car. I have plenty to do on the 510.

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Ha! I just saw this on Bring a trailer and was going to post it here. Awesome car. I would love it. Definatly would have to agree with the anti ratrod sentiment.


This is me he thanks, I sent him a linky!


"Special thanks to BaT reader Scott F. for this submission!"

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