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Golden Gardens 08


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Rolled outta bed about 5am this morning and hit the road in my dime about 6 and met up with Rick-Rat in his Sweet red 620 and then we rolled to the store @ the Southworth Ferry and met up with my Nephew in my 620 Ratsun , Jerol in his 521 and.......Holy Shit! Here comes Dave (Pumpkin210) rollin all the way from Puyallup to meet up with us!:cool: DatsunFish didnt show:( But we went on with out him and hopped the boat for Fauntleroy. Dave had his lite bar on and was The "Pumpkin Patrol" on the Alaskan way Viaduct:D Rolled into G.G. bout 9am and what a sweet site!:cool: A line of Rising Sun hooded Dimes with killer spots! Thanks Frank, Jeff, Hainz and crew for grrting there early and being intimidating to the New Schoolers!:D

One Nissaner tried to tell us to go down to the end lot but Pumpkin Patrol took care of that:fu: We rolled in and parked and had a good row of Datsuns going.:cool: All in All it was a good time It did NOT rain but was antartica Cold:eek: The steady breeze of the water did not help. It was cool seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Pumpkin was cool, kinda shy tho and didnt say much:blink: Enuff chatter hers a link to my pics Enjoy!:fu:



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Dont worry one of these days I will come out of my shell


That was alot of fun. Especially the waking up at 5 to drive out to Port Outfar. Just to have to pay money to ride a boat with a bunch of wierdos!


Cant wait till the next one!











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Dude I had a great time! I just wish I could have chatted with everyone!!!!!! Damn it! I always miss some people..... I didn't hang out in the truck section long enough..... Son of A!! It was cool seeing everyone though, even if I didn't get to chat it up :D I guess its hard for me because I know a lot of people from the different groups so I'm kinda all over the place... I remember Jason Wong telling me at the end of Canby how he talked to ton's of people but didn't get a chance to look at to many rigs. Thats kinda how I feel. I spent my time bullshitting haha I did stay until there where only a few nissans left about 4 ish. I think everyone missed the dude driving the SUV with the dog's in the back, one jumped out and he ran it over!!! hat sucked!! Or the 350z that did such a big burnout I couldn't even see it anymore.



O When we first pulled in a cop follow us in a said he had a report of 3 white datsuns racing haha :D



Next time I want everyone who I don't talk to to try and talk to me :D I hate missing people...




Hainz gave me some sweet parts to!! Thanks buddy! I will post a pic of the parts when Tagen sends me the pic :D

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It was alot of fun for sure. The only guy I recognized to talk to was pumpkin, and that's because he was standing next to an unmistakable car, lol (I was the tall guy with a big nose and shaved head talking to him btw, lol). Anyway, maybe I can catch you all next year when I drive my 521 there :D!


That toyota WAS sick!! Air bagged wagon with a 1jz, how can you go wrong?! I thought a tree totalled that thing, but he said it was hardly damaged, and want difficult to fix. Fuckin sweet looking!!

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I liked the toyota but he should go to his own event. Cool car wrong event... I didn't like how there was so many none nissandatsuns there. I don't mind people coming that don't have there rig running, but come on! Do we really need to see the VW club? Or Honda's with drift charms? Or a full sized chevy do a doughnut?



I like the weird mint green convertible! I just can't believe nissan built it :D

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i had a good time i just wish i could have finished my truck all well.. i took my truck club president who is not even really into datsuns or nissans and he wants to go again next year.. and for the record we parked the accord away from the show... :fu: :D

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Nice show of all the old schoolers!I cant wait for POTD.I really dont like the used bar of soap cars.:cool:Seriously though.I really wish I could have made it but I at least spent the whole day working on my 521.No more driving without guages!:D

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