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Did the unmentionable Traded the Z for a 61Willys Jeep

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I was going to tell you do yourself a favor and use the ABF alternator setup. Or at a least an ABA setup but I spy in one of your oics, your already there. Looks like ABA. The ABF is awesome because it can be taken off / swapped in a matter of about 30 seconds.

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so the boy and i went buck wild and tossed in the engine. i have a few things to reconfigure with the mounts and the clutch fork. everything on paper worked out good, till i pit the engine in. wasn't exactly how i measured it out. but its isn't that big of a problem.





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There are two adaptors one for toyota bellhousing from ACME and the one for toyhota bell to chevy trans from OTT. I think I have about 1000 to 1100 into the adapters combined. I am so looking forward to my next project after this one is done. got plans for a 521 vw diesel with a yota trans.

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there is so much room in there

this is looking good

great mileage awesome torque

bad fram filters

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Man no sooner i started the engine, my wife tripped over my shit pile in the garage and took a header. i had to cut the video without burning anything down.  wife is OK,a little bruised but she is good for taking a beating so all is OK. HAHA. once the air was cleared from the lines and lines tightened the throttle response was really crispy. damn am i excited. i will take another vid tomorrow in the day light. Whoooo Hoooo!



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i used what i had for materials in the garage to whip this bracket up. my son said it barelt took 45 min from start to finish. sadly i no longer have my work service truck with the Mig welder so i got this slag slinger from harbor frieght for 90 bux its functional. not pretty but does the job.master is installed, line has been routed. what is next is waiting for the soft line for the clutch and double flare the end, bleed it and try it out.







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