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521 drip rail molding on ebay?

allen dodson

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I thought it looked nice! I thought that 521 was frickin' the hottness! Two tone paint, YUMMY! I wrote the owner and pointed them to Ratsun so hopefully they will appear! I want to see more of that truck!



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No offense but that "product" looks very similar to that cheap door edge mouldings found @ Auto zone or Kragen [shucks]. You can also buy it in big rolls & pre cut it which is what i think this guy has done & hopefully he's not making $$ off it & taking advantage of us Datsun guys.

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He states it is a custom built setup.Basically he just bent and cut that roll crap to fit.He said it was chrome plated plastic.So lets all get rich and do the same thing.:rolleyes:

Kinda on the same note.The 521 door seals on ebay are not for a 521 but they will work.It just happens to be identical to the RV compartment seal I settled with on my 521 research project.I just havnt found the part # yet but I will figure it out soon enough.

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I hope that it is at least nice stuff cause i just had a freind of mine in california contact the dude and he had a extra roll so he bought it. It actually looks good on the pickup he had in the picture. Damn that little pickup looks awsome. Does anybody know who the guy is? I think it says he lives in keizer oregon. Dude if your out here, wanna sell that truck?

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I dont care what it is i think it looks tight. I will buy some to hide that fuckin huge gutter around my truck cab. Whats up with the huge ugly gutter on these pickups? Fuckin ugly now that i think about it. Damn you can peel a fuckin apple and open a bottle of beer with this damn rain gutter. Its like a house gutter. Think i will through some cedar shakes on the roof of my 521 and get some adress numbers on the side. Call 1-899-987-7783 to clean these gutters every spring. Sun of a bitch lets all order that gutter hider trim shit.

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"It was designed for 510 for performance." yeah, sure it was.....you know these datsun trucks were designed with "performance" in mind....hence the hooks on the side.....i took mine off, lost 20 damn hp!!! now i only have 65 hp :(.....


Ummmm... A Datsun 510 is a car not a truck. It was actually quite successful as a race (performance?) car!

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