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Golden Gardens

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the event starts at 10.

Because it is so overcrowded, all the organized groups are planning to arrive as early as 7:00am. I think its gettting rediculous...


Its just a big gathering. Last year wasn't all that fun. Just way too many people. I'll show up some time, but probably won't stay long. I'm not going with the 350Z crowd.

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Holy crap! 7AM?! We got there @ 10 last year and could not find a place to park. Of course we have to catch a ferry so I guess we will b rollin in around 8 hopefully. We have 5 rigs so far headin over from this side O' the pond.

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We wil b catchin the 7AM boat outta Southworth and should b arriving in Fauntleroy around 7:30ish if anyone wants 2 meet up with us and roll along up to the West Seattle bridge and onto 99 North then along to Eliot Ave. Cross the Ballard bridge into Ballard and left on the road that takes you thru downtown (cant remember the name) but it takes u all the way down to GG:D

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I am planning to roll out there with Doug and da gang.Still torn on which half (dis)assembled datsun to drive.I worry about a knock in the 510 block and the rain scares me in the 521.Its been sitting for a couple months and the brakes get a little sticky after a while.Also I just swapped out the rear diff and its totally solid but its a 4.88 from a 411 and I havnt tried it out on the highway yet.The 620 is good but still needs tweaks here and there.Since its an all nissan event I could drive the pathfinder.HA!

hmmmm.we'll see.

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Thats the thing.None of mine are crappy,just an eternal mid-restoration phase on all.:cool:If I only had 1 it would surely be sweet as candy with all the time put into 4 different cars.

I do like the progress on your 210 though.To be honest I was not fond of that car at all until now.

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Yea I really want a mid 70s 210 coupe again. This one will do for now.


I am really diggin the 4-link though. It really handles like a dream.


I plan on riding the ferry with you guys on sunday so keep your eyes peeled for a Pumpkn on the horizon!

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I plan on riding the ferry with you guys on sunday so keep your eyes peeled for a Pumpkn on the horizon!


Puyallup to Ballard via Southworth? We will b looking for ya:D See all you other Bitches Later:fu:

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