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Yet another Engine Swap Question


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I know that I have put the 520 up for sale but just as I did so an R16 from a roadster became available.


Since the 411 could either have a J series motor or the R16 does that mean the motor mounts are the same or did they weld in different mounts for each version of car.


I know the R16 is not as stout as the L20 but if it is closer to a plug and play install I may just keep the truck and ditch the road master wagon.


Thank you!

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Hey Bleach,


Not sure if there really is a link between the 411 and the 520. The 411 did come with a j-series motor. The 520 has a j series motor. Motor mounts should be the same.


The 411 could also have come with a R16 as in the 411 sss. Maybe the R16 was a bolt in option for the factory and they did not have to change the frames motor mounts.


Maybe then the R16 would bolt into the 520.


521 is to 510 as the 520 is to the 411?


Again no clue on my part just asking.



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