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Hey guys im cody and just bought a 72 510 4dr. I have been a member for almost a year and have finally tracked one down! Anyways i think you guys have a bad ass forum and i definitely like the work you have put into your cars!


So i bought it knowing motor was bad, milkshake with possible head crack and got it home ripped it apart sure enough head was cracked in multiple places to the extent that it was unrepairable.%3Ca%20href=101_0221.jpg">

The real trouble was finding another head. i called junkyard after junkyard with no luck but thankfully Datsunkeeper hooked me up with a A87 closed chamber polished too! i wanted the closed chamber head because its already got dished pistons and i want as much power as i can get out of this without a turbo and eventually it will get a nice cam and exhaust. Priority number one is getting it running i been with out a car for car for about 3months now and id like to feel like an adult and not a 15 year old again...


Cleaned the dual sidedrafts and patched here up and here she is!


Next thing i thought was a must, the front end bushings were essentially rubber bands! i replaced Sway bar end links strutrod bushings and ball joints. I bought the LCA bushings but they still had plenty of life left, they will stay in the box for a rainy day.












Well that's her its insured and tomorrow she be registered and on the open road!

Thanks for lookin and hell if you have some ideas throw them my way! My plan's not set in stone other than strut conversion and lowering it, 5speed tranny wheels/tires....thats about all i got off top of my head ill have a vid soon.

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Ha! Well, there's your problem..........you never call a junk yard when looking for 510 parts. Most haven't had anything for over a decade now. Forums like this, and the Bluebirds e-mail list are your best places to find parts. Parts are easy to find (for the most part) if you know where to look.

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Thanks for the welcome everyone. I still have the head too until someone needs as for now it's on my "wall of shame". And yeah the guys I talked to at most junkyards were like "those still exist?!"...

She's running now tho a little sputter here and there. I changed the spring on the vac advance because the old one was super stiff/seized. I think it doesn't have enough tension now and possibly advances to early but temp stays normal. Temp does rise when on the freeway doing 65-70 Is this normal? Just a cruiser til that's resolved.

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