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belt buckles

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So, I needed a new belt buckle after mine broke the other day. Made one up quickly and posted it in insomniacs. After some finishing touches, I've sold it to bonvo.



Shipping it out tomorrow.


Also gonna need some serious cash soon to continue my build.


While I have no need or desire for a second job, I figured some side money might help the wife not hate the truck for the amount that I'm about to spend on it.


Long story short, I'm thinking of making a few more buckles to sell on here.


Initially, I'm thinking that I will do a different design for each one and price them based on the hours I put in (keeping in mind the typical ratsun shwag allowance).


So, my question is, is there any interest in this sort of thing?

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once i got used to it it didnt phase me my last buckel was a dragon with sharp wing tips that stabbed me alot this is alot more confortable the only downside i can think of is when im using the bathroom it tries to make me wear my pants at my knees

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Gotta clear coat em next non humid day. $30 and $40 respectively is the starting price. Offers are acceptable via pm. If I make a profit on em, there'll be more.


Any suggestions for future experiments may also prove fun.

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