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Missing vin tag, where to find VIN on the car?


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Like the title says, I have looked all over under the hood for a VIN and have not been able to locate it

This is what I have found so far, of course the PO made sure to brush a nice fat coat of paint on all the trim tags.



And I think this is where it's supposed to be...............



Does anyone know of another location?



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are stamped or handcut into the front end of the frame where shown above in fig. 2. You can see it by looking down between your front carb and your windshield washer unit. You'll need some steel wool and a flashlight. The plate below the rear edge of the hood is not really a legal vin tag because the plate is just screwed on. Know what you have or what you are buying! There are also production changes made during the model year.



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OK, makes sense now. I was looking at the area where the trim tag was screwed on.

When I bought it last winter the seller showed me the VIN, and it matched the title, even though it says it's a 69, but it's really a 68. I just didn't remember where I saw it.

Too many projects, I was having a hard time remembering what was what.

Now that I have sold a bunch of things, I have the time and space to do this project.

I hope you guys don't mind me asking what might seem like simple basic questions, but I come from the world of big Block Chevys, and this is the first Datsun I have owned / worked on.



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