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Question: 280Z; size of the hatch latch button hole.

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I'm thinking about making a mod for the old push button on the hatches of the 70-78 Z cars. If I can find a switch that won't have a problem with water, I might use something like this:







The other idea is to use a contact touch switch with no moving parts.


Either way, the switch would trigger a popper to actuate the latching mechanism. I'm still trying to figure out how to door the lock, but I'm thinking of following the 350Z's example, and having it be that the button is wired some how to the door locks, and when the doors are locked, the button is inactive and when the doors are unlocked, it's active and the hatch can be opened. Another button could be placed in the glove box that is connected directly to the popper as well.


I'll have to figure something out regarding the active/inactive switching, but thats another project.


As this time, does anyone know off hand how big the hole is in the back hatch for the lock/pushbutton?

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Hhmmmm neat idea !_!!!


What if battery goes dead ? This style on all 3 ?


Either way one could make an internal or external stainless ring if need be ;)


Let me see if I can measure ....mine errrrrrrrrr


I figure if the battery is dead, you're probably not going to worry too much about opening your back deck; but thinking about that, maybe a little cable pull inside wouldn't be a bad backup if you're the type of person who keeps your jumper cables in your spare tire space.


These vandal resistant switches come in a number of cylinder sizes, so I should be able to get one that just drops into the hole and the bezel should be large enough to keep it in place easily.


Call it ricey/chitzy; but I like the idea of having the button have a blue glowing ring around it when the parking lights are on. :P But a non-lighted button would work just as easy, and require one less PITA wire run.

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Yes it looks like that, and it pushes against a lever inside.


Then Datsun probably used the same switch/button for all the similar years' models, which means it could be adapted into a multi-model mod. :)


I like this switch as well; has a nice flat button head:



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