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My 521 down in the lab...

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Here we go! I've had my 521 not even a year yet and ive had so many problems. Its been hard keeping it on the road, but it is so much fun when it is! About a month ago I was on my way to seattle and the trans got stuck in 3rd getting off the freeway. I wanted to smash the fuck out of her with a crowbar. But I didnt. It was hard not to.... So its been in sitting in my garage (and by garage I mean a glorified shed), while I've been cafefully planning my next move. After many evenings spent sitting back in a deep state of thinking I have devised my plan. The foors are rusted out; cut out the rust and channel it 3". My truck looks like a 2 stroke going down the road and won't shift from 3rd; build up my other L20 and fix my stuck dogleg/ or pick up a later model 5 speed (may need some help choosing which one). Accessories only work when they want to (including headlights and turn signals); re-wire and relocate fuse box. Rides like shit and torsion bars suck; ditch torsion bars and fabricate a coilover setup. What I'm hoping to end up with is a reliable dd, that is slammed and that will ride better than before. Alos something that my girl doesn't refer to as 'scary' or 'dangerous' or 'a deathtrap', which i know it is in its current state. Any help, criticism, input, suggestions are welcome.

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as it sat, trans out, then a change of plans





the floors



teardown begins




5 of the 6 body mount bolts broke, then the 6th looked like this. scary!




cab ready to come off




Off. only took 2 of us! 3 or 4 would have been nice... thanks mike!



only 1 rusted body mount on frame




motor out



ready to pressure wash



back in the garage, waiting for my next days off

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dude your truck is cool the way it is.

Why spend alot on it?

find a 4 speed from 50 or less and install it.Might be exer piuliing the engine at the same time.


torsion bars do not suck ok maybe lame. You are just riding on the bump stops or soemthing. How about raise it a half inch till it rides better.



floors roted out? I thru some cut Diamond plate on there and call it good.



the light issue is all by the battery to fuse box. clean all the contacks there. reseat the realys or whatever. I have this happen also when you dont want it to. The wire look prehistoric but it works good if cleaned.



spending all this money its still going to be a 2K or under rig! save your money or buy another datsun as a daily driver

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I'm commited now! the coilovers I got off CL for $140 awhile back. Still not a 100% on the swap, the 3" channel will allow me to get some suspension travel back so we'll see. I could never raise it up! I'm still too young for that lol. as for the rest, i think its more time than money.

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The wheels are ultra 16x8. I may go back to stock wheels after the b/d for clearance but not sure yet. Dirty diesel my days to work on it are monday and tuesday but i'll hit you up anyways and check out your parts stash. I'm thinking this weekend Im going to start the coilovers. I dont think I'll regret it :cool:

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well last night after work i snuck out to the 'rage and did a little work....

removed this stuff.


much more spacious


to be replaced with these


all while having some of these


So I'm picking up a 84 720 kc with a bad motor for cheap, its been sitting in my buddys back yard for some time. i'm trying to decide if I want to if I want to use it for parts or not. such as control arms, disc brakes, trans, rear end, leafs etc.... I'd feel a bit bad because it is in pretty nice shape. any thoughts? I'll get pics when I get it home.

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dry.gif :huh: :mellow: :unsure: :rolleyes: :D :lol:



LMAO thats funny!


and black, sweet truck diggin that paint hope theres no plans in the works to change it :blink:


and those body mounts look pretty solid on here, maybe little bit of clean up and som good sealer,


p.s. what was the puzzle on that mickey?? :poke:

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