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Group Buy on Custom Shift Knobs

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Up-Date - 10/18/11 @ 12:04PM EDT.


IT IS A GO!!!!!


Payments have been requested. If you haven't recieved one please let me know.


If others are interested in ordering please see today's post below.


Payments are due from all by Monday 10/24 @ 5:00PM


Since I listed that FutoFab is offering shift knobs (Thread: New Shift Knobs from FutoFab), I have gotten requests for knobs that we don't have in stock.


So with the number of requests I've gotten, FutoFab has put together a Group Buy for custom shift knobs.


Here are the details.


There has been interest in shift knobs of alternate colors, patterns and/or thread pitch. FutoFab can do custom orders with a minimum of 6 knobs at the same price as our stock items. $39/each plus S&H ($5 US, $12 Canada).


Orders must be submitted to me by PM or email to Dave@FutoFab.com Once commitments for 6 knobs (can be individual orders or multiple shift knobs in one order) are recieved I will invoice the buyers. When all payments has been made I will send the order to the manufacturer for production. When knobs are finished, each order will be sent to the buyers via USPS Priority Mail.


To order I will need four things

  • 1) Thread pitch

  • 2) Shift Pattern

  • 3) Color

  • 4) Email Address for Invoicing


1) Select Thread Pitch:


  • M16 x 1.50

  • M12 x 1.25

  • M12 x 1.50

  • M12 x 1.75

  • M10 x 1.25

  • M10 x 1.50

  • M8 X 1.25

  • 1/2-20

  • 3/8-16

  • 3/8-24

  • 5/16-18


2) Select Shift Pattern, (use the pattern code by the pattern you want):




3) Select Color:




4) Send me a PM or email to Dave@FutoFab.com with your email address so I can contact you for payment. Please include your mailing address so we know what the shipping charge needs to be.


I will not be accepting any money until we have a minimum of 6 commitmemts. I will send you an invoice via email at that time and place the custom order to the manufacturer once all order commitments have been paid. With your payment I will need a shipping address to mail your custom shift knob to.


I hope this is of help those wanting a specific color, or with later model transmissions or a 3, 4 & 6 speed transmissions.

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It looks like I may have created some confusion.


You do not need to buy 6 custom knobs to get the $39/each pricing. All you need to do is buy just one. Once FutoFab has 6 or more knobs ordered, we can place the order to the manufacturer to have them made. The manufacturer will make them in any combination of color, pattern or thread. The qualtity of 6 is needed to get the pricing break so we can meet match the $39/each in-stock price.


I've re-written what I initially posted to try and clarify this.


We have commitments on 4 shift knobs right now. We need 2 more to place the order.


My math skills are much better than my language skills, honest.

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We have 6+ orders. If others would like to get involved here are the details.


Payments from all are due by Monday, October 24, 2011 by 5:00PM EDT.


Here are the details to order for anyone else interested.


We have commitments for 6+ shift knobs in our group buy. If anyone else wants to get on board, we will accept orders thru Monday 10/24/11 until 5:00PM EDT


Please make your payment thru PayPal to: futofab@gsinet.net


Pricing is $39/shift knob plus shipping; $5/US or $12/Canada additional for any number of knobs.


You will need to include the following information with your order for us to process it.


Contact Info:

- Postal Mailing Address

- Email Address

- Telephone Number


Knob Info:

- Quantity of each

- Color (For Color selection see link below)



- Shift Pattern Code (For the correct pattern code see link below)



- Thread size/pitch


Please understand that these are custom orders and returns will not be accepted.


Please make sure that the information provided is accurate and complete. If you are unsure of the shift pattern, thread pitch or any aspect of your order, please do the research needed to find out before ordering.


All orders as submitted with payment will be final and no refunds will be made.


All Group Buy payments must be made by Monday 10/24/11; the order will be placed with the manufacturer at that time. We will notify you of the expected delivery date when we have it.

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