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need 620 door locking mechanicism

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title says it all i believe huh.gif, anyway, ive got a 74 620 and i need a new drivers side "locking mechanism" (not sure if the side matters but just in case) and a pic is worth a thousand word this is what i need -





^^^ thats what i need - anybody have a spare??

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thnx, i see 2 trucks being parted out but i hate leaving my doors unlocked downtown - fuckn tweekers. If i cant source it locally ill look outward - thnx for the heads up though. Gotta love ratsun :) - go to sleep with a problem and wake up with an answer :D

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I like the white/yellow contrast. Mebbe come get the other white one so you match? ollz.


If it ait broke dont fix it right?? :P


And bring that man a beer!! :thumbup:


Agreed, what do you drink crackerjack? im interested in a few more parts as money comes along so id gladly bring you a 6 pac just cuz :D

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