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My 510


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So I have been on here for a while, im in mesa az and bought my 71 2dr 510 back in febuary 2011..... I bought it from a guy on this site, was a great deal and I have wanted one for a long time......


Here are the pics.....









And after, paint, l20 swap and some long nights in the garage......










so thats what I have.so far, my dime runs great, just need a a few things to get it on the road but not much....


Sorry for the cell phone pics in black and white, I cant get enough black n white pics.... Lol

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Ya I need some new wheels, but $$$ one thing at a time, gotta do some cuttin for now to get it low.....


I removed the starter seliniod, and went back to original parts.....


No I had just washed the car, left over water spots lol, no leaks from the motor at all, runs strong, just need an exhaust system for it, its running off just the down pipe right now ( sounds cool though)

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Congratulations! My dime looks like yours when I got it 13 years ago. Lots of exterior and interior work. Finally got it done. Money is always a issue. I did most of the work to save money. Your valve cover looks great! More pic specially when you get it painted or with a new wheels that fit. Good Luck!

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