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Got Engaged!!

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Congrats man, I have had one of those weird but fascinating creatures for like 8 years now. This dominating creature also gave me two little gremlins that scream, fight and break everything around the house. Aside from that, it is the best decision I have ever made in my life. Got the kiss from her and went from ugly bull-frog to prince. Congratulations!!! :wub:

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my condolences, sorry to hear that your life as a free man has come to an end.


but cereal congrats, I was married to a redhead/strawberry blonde once, do not get her pissed off at you. ever wonder why the devil is depicted as red in colour??? you will find out if you piss a red headed woman off.

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I've been around that block more than once, and have at last landed a (redheaded) keeper of my own~


Without a doubt the two best pieces of advice I can offer up are both from a gentleman named Dr. Stephen R. Covey~


1. Love is a VERB.

2. Seek first to understand~ then to be understood.


Peace and happiness to you both...


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congrats im going on 22 years marriage is wonderful it takes LOVE , RESPECT, COURAGE , A LITTLE GIVE AND TAKE ,AND TWO PEOPLE WHO ARE WILLING TO MAKE IT WORK . congrats on your new journey in life

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