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haha I gave up on trying to post videos a long time ago. Everyonce in awhile another member is nice enough to come along and repost it so it works..somehow...



i'm never gonna put any type of image on this site again. i used two different embed codes from youtube and neither worked.

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If you're posting a video you have to click the button above the text field that days media and paste the url in there. If from a host site you use the IMG code for pictures, of from your computer you click the image button by the media button


Yay! it worked. thank you for your help.

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Ok, I agree that this car is not awesome, but it is far from the worst replica I have ever seen. It didn't make me puke in my mouth, but it did make me look up the 2000GT.


There was one on Ebay for $650,000 a while back. http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/03/31/rare-1967-toyota-2000-gt-hits-ebay-for-650000/ That means the only way a working man could ever drive one would be to build one. It makes sense to build one based on the Z because that car was originally supposed to be a Nissan.


The biggest FAIL in the whole situation is Nissan's fail. "In the mid-’60s, through a canceled sports car project for Nissan, Yamaha developed a prototype that would eventually be brought to market by Toyota. Almost overnight, Japan had its own cutting-edge exotic car that compared very favorably to offerings from Porsche and Ferrari."


That car could have been ours. We still couldn't afford it if it had become a Nissan, but at least it would be in the family.

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