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510 rear defrost glass $100

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I know a guy that wants to sell a rear glass with the defrost and switches, he said. i know of '73 510s with them, and he said "it's a Canada thing".


I'VE NEVER SEEN IT AND DON'T HAVE PICTURES. I can get a hold of him but it might take some time. Don't know this guy real well, he had a red 510 but sold it, for $12k, he said. He's now working on an SR swap 521, he said. He's from the Newberg, OR area, if anyone knows of a guy.


Once again, dont know him real well. PM me, I can give him your number or maybe he'll give me his number. I see him in passing from time to time.


I sent Phil and Rotary510 a text first (cuz I have their numbers), so they kinda have first dibs. But send me a PM if you're interested.


No shipping. Newberg, OR area. He said, "I'd like to get $100 out of it. I'm just worried it's going to break."


Sorry for lame post.

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